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Ride With a Cause for Teen Challenge of Southern California On March 9, 2019, the Ride with a Cause cycling team will be riding in the Solvang Century, Metric & Half Century ride.

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The husband who snores so loud his wife has to elbow him in the ribs several times a night is a running joke in TV shows, cartoons and movies. But now, researchers are learning that snoring is not a laughing matter. In many cases, it’s a symptom of sleep apnea. And research has found a strong link between sleep apnea and heart disease, hypertension and stroke. There are two kinds of sleep apnea, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and Central Sleep Apnea (CSA). OSA…

In 2011, a woman ran the Chicago Marathon in her ninth month of pregnancy--then gave birth a few hours later. We wouldn’t recommend this. However, less strenuous feats of athleticism can be good for both you and baby, and help relieve some of the side effects of pregnancy. Short of running a marathon, which exercise is best during pregnancy? Here are some guidelines to help you choose activities that are healthy for both you and baby. Basic Dos and Don’ts DO ask your…

Dr. Tracy McComb is a physician at Covenant MedExpress urgent care. With cold and flu season underway, she wants to ensure parents and caregivers know about fevers in children, as well as remedies to manage them and signs to see a doctor. That's why Dr. McComb sat down with WNEM TV to share her knowledge in a Medical Moment segment. What is a fever? A fever is a sort of tool your body uses for self-treatment. Humans have internal "thermostats" that regulate our…

About 300,000 high school athletes suffer from concussions every year, and experts suspect many more go unreported. Younger athletes in middle and elementary schools are at risk as well. Repeated concussions can lead to brain damage, so it’s no wonder health professionals and parents are increasingly concerned about concussion prevention. While football presents the highest risk of concussion, players in other sports aren’t immune. Soccer players…

Bariatric surgery is a big decision. It's important to get all the information you need, including answers to sensitive questions. That's why attending an information seminar is an important step. Seminars, which are hosted by a board certified surgeon and located in the Lower Level of the Mackinaw Campus, will explain what you can expect in your transformation, as well as the types of procedures that are available. Learn more about the Covenant Bariatric and Metabolic Center .

Saturday, October 26th is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. It’s a chance to properly get rid of any unused or expired drugs you may have, especially prescription opioids. Local hospitals and law enforcement agencies are teaming up to offer several drop off locations throughout Mid-Michigan. Drug take back days helps keep drugs out of the wrong hands and get rid of them the right way.

Covenant HealthCare, based in Saginaw, Mich, announces it has partnered with Wound Care Advantage to provide full-service management and consulting services as it expands its outpatient wound care and hyperbaric medicine program.

Covenant HealthCare in Saginaw has unveiled the center piece of a $7.2 million renovation and addition to its Surgical Services Department.

Avoid pulling you hair out and longing for Labor Day with our ultimate healthy activities list for you and your family this summer.

Use our blood pressure chart to learn what your blood pressure numbers mean. Systolic, diastolic? The American Heart Association helps you understand the various levels of blood pressure and how high blood pressure or hypertension is defined. Also learn about prehypertension, hypertension, hypertensive crisis, and what is a healthy blood pressure.

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When you suffer from heel pain, you are suffering from a constant ache. You use your feet all the time to stay mobile and, in doing so, cause your heels to hurt more. Since you are so busy, it is hard to find time to really sit down and think of some ways to help reduce your pain. Don’t worry

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Online doctor visits are becoming more and more popular. ABC News reported that during the flu epidemic earlier this year, the number of patients choosing online consultations rose significantly. After all, who wants to get dressed and drive to the doctor’s office when they’re sick with the flu? If you haven’t tried a virtual visit yet, here are 5 great reasons to open the app and say ahh: It’s easier than you think. You don’t have to be a techie to take advantage…

Covenant HealthCare in collaboration with the Michigan Opioid Prescribing Engagement Network (OPEN), Saginaw County Department of Public Health, CMU Health, and Saginaw Police Department will host a Medication Take-Back event on Saturday, April 28 from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm outside 800 Cooper (Physician Office Building).

Participating in spring sports can be a great way to get exercise and have fun with friends. Soccer, baseball, softball, tennis, track and so many other sports are all available to join and enjoy while the weather gets warmer. Sports are not only great for your heart; they can also be good for your

Covenant Healthcare in Saginaw is going to the dogs. A new program has brought in …

SAGINAW, Mich-- Samson, the six year old Burmese mountain dog has no problem getting up close and personal.A skill his owner, Janet Nash says he needed to master in order to be a therapy dog. He’s certified through Therapy Dogs International.“He had to be

April 16th is National Health Healthcare Decisions Day, when health care providers focus on encouraging …

When you notice that you have a black toenail on your foot, it can be quite alarming. The usual healthy color of toenails is a pink-like tone. When you see a black toenail, you panic and immediately think the worst. Some of the savvier sufferers go to their trusted friend Google and type away,

UPMC Pinnacle and Select Medical Corp. are shifting about a dozen outpatient physical therapy centers into a joint venture they first established in 2014.

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As if turning 50 wasn’t enough to deal with, that’s when your doctor will start urging you to get a colonoscopy.* And while you’d like to believe your doctor when he/she tells you the procedure is painless, they have an ulterior motive – keeping you healthy, and detecting the early signs of colon cancer. The idea of a colonoscopy sounds decidedly unpleasant: A long tube with a camera on the end of it inserted into the colon through the rectum. The reality, however…

As the nice weather slowly begins to make its appearance, it is tempting to bring out all of the open-toe shoe options that are available in your closet. These open-style shoes are very fashionable and let your feet feel free in the beautiful weather. You are less likely to sweat in them and get bli

A callus doesn’t seem like a major foot problem to many people. This is because many people live with calluses on their feet every single day. A callus doesn’t become a problem until it starts to cause pain and suffering. Once pain is introduced then people begin to pay attention to thei

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Walking innocently through the house on a search for your car keys can start any morning off in the wrong direction. For one, it is frustrating to lose something. In addition to that, these lost keys are wasting minutes on the clock, causing you to be later and later for work. As time progresses wit