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The Tattooist of Auschwitz, written by Heather Morris, is a testament to the strength that the human spirit can endure during times of tragedy. Lale Sokolov is an educated, multi-lingual, Jewish Slovakian man who loves his family. In 1942, he is told that if he wants to keep the rest of his family safe, he must board a train and head for a work camp. He would do anything for his family so he does as he is told and ends up in…

Heartwood Hotel: Home Again by Kallie George
Recommended for ages 7-10

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Local book worms will be able to crack open a good book at a newly updated library.

Excellent work, dads. We crushed it this year. Wind it down and reward your grueling work as a human napkin with some of the funniest tweets from dads we saw in 2018. 1. The attention and detail re…

A local fitness center is dancing its way to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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Fleeing a ruined Earth, a small group of colonists land on a planet they name Pax. There they strive to create a perfect society free of the tyrannical systems which doomed their home world. There are many obstacles they must overcome, both human and extraterrestrial. The most fascinating challenge they face is learning to live in balance with the ecosystem of Pax and a massive, sentient plant.