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STOCKTON -- With Thanksgiving just days away, thousands waited in long lines to pick up boxes filled with turkey and all the makings of a traditional holiday meal.
It's that time of year again for the Stockton Emergency Food Bank's annual food box giveaway.
"My family can't afford food at this moment. It is very hard for me at this moment and I appreciate what they're doing for families," said Deanna Daniels.

No one is more thankful for beer than brewers themselves. Learn what 13 brewers, from Brooklyn Brewery to Breakside to Fremont, will be toasting with in this interview.

SACRAMENTO - Thanksgiving may be three days away but thousands of people in downtown Sacramento were already giving thanks.
"I can't give you my gratitude enough,” said Ernest Gueyger, who was at the Sacramento Food Bank to pick up a free Thanksgiving meal.
The food bank handed out 4,000 turkey dinners, each with 15 side dishes early Monday morning.

David's Bridal has been buried under a mountain of debt. It hasn't helped that fewer people are tying the knot lately.
The nation's largest bridal retailer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Monday. It owes between $500 million and $1 billion to creditors, according to court records.

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Eggs have cooked up some controversy in the past couple of years. They used to be recommended as a healthful addition to every diet; but then, concerns about cholesterol arose and influenced diners everywhere to order their omelettes with the whites only. But according to more recent research, eggs might not be as unhealthy as doctors previously thought. In fact, while it might be best to eat eggs in moderation, they do have some impressive health benefits.[related]