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Bob W. (Riverside, CA)
Everything is great. My only request would be if you could please give me a few more days notice of the service date. It would be nice because many times I find out the day of your visit.

A large California state government department is recruiting for a Business Intelligence Division chief, a position that carries an IT Manager I job classification.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Advanced Hunter Education Program is offering a Waterfowl Hunting Clinic on Saturday, Sept. 29, 2018 at the San Luis National Wildlife Refuge i…

Fiscal year 2017-18 included over 5,000 purchase orders for telecom and IT services. In that year, more than $7 billion was spent in total on those two categories combined.

The state is advertising and recruiting for two key IT leadership positions, and application deadlines for both are coming up soon.

The 2018-19 general upland game bird hunting season will open in mid-September for several species in specific zones around the state, providing hunters with many opportunities to bring home some d…

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Pastor Chris wraps-up our Summer of Psalms series with Psalm 100 and Psalm 150. The entire book of Psalms is wrapped up in the final verse in chapter 150:6, "Let…

Behind the scenes of Michael Jackson’s music video “Thriller,” the production of which revealed how damaged the young pop idol already was.

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