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We’ve enjoyed a good run at our old space. Our I Street location in the beginning was founded, funded and built out by our community. We are very grateful to have collaboratively and organically grown into what Hacker Lab is today. With this move, we hope to further that community spirit
If you are interested in helping us move we would GREATLY appreciate your support. Please fill out this volunteer availability form and we will contact you with available opportunities. LINK TO FORM…

Joginder's supper club: we feast on Punjabi fare and learn more about the Tufnell Park institution, including why the mother and daughter team started it.

Police stopped the car in Staffordshire this afternoon and the pair have been arrested on suspicion of theft

Gov. Gavin Newsom was predicted to be the technology governor, the guy who was going to shake things up. When it comes to IT and governance, he's already taken some steps in that direction.

Home Family Engagement Forum
Representatives from school districts across Sacramento County have created the Family Engagement Forum. The goal of the forum is to engage families so they can actively support their student’s learning and development in meaningful ways. Each week videos selected by the local districts containing vital information for families will air on SECC Channel 15.
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The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is returning to the International Sportsmen’s Exposition (ISE) at Cal Expo in Sacramento Jan. 17-20. This is the largest hunting, fishing and o…

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Learn about John Barrett Middle School’s SEVA Studio in the San Juan Unified School District
The SEVA Studios are a joint project with SECC, the Sacramento Metropolitan Cable Television Commission and school districts to create and encourage video production in schools with training opportunities and equipment assistance. Student created school news programs have regular air time on educational cable each week to highlight the use…

Automated earthquake early warning (EEW) recently became a reality in California's largest city, but a consortium of state officials is currently pursuing a statewide system that might rely on the wireless emergency alerts systems programmed into modern cellphones.

There has been plenty written about digital disruption and transformation. The research includes the future of work in a world driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, the missed opportunities and mistakes of Sears and Xerox, and how could Blockbuster have turned down the opportunity to

In his inaugural budget release, California Governor Gavin Newsom has recommended sweeping changes to the Medi-Cal prescription drug program to the benefit of beneficiaries and pharmacies alike. In a move that bucks recent trends, beginning January 2021, the budget directs the CA Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to carve out all pharmacy benefits from Medi-Cal managed care and return them to a single fee-for-service benefit…

SEVA Feature: Life of an IB Student
Student producer Evan from Inderkum High School produced the video “Life of an IB Student.” He says: “I wanted to spread awareness about the IB program and what’s it’s about. My video also shows the skills students learn from being in the IB program and how they use it in their everyday lives to build their sense of character as a person. I want people to know about the rigors and challenges students face in the…