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UC Davis’ Women in Water Research team announced it will take the plunge for the third consecutive year in the Trans Tahoe Relay, a 10-mile swim across the alpine lake — no wetsuits permitted.

Bob is a politically active cat fighting for the rights of others. The 13th Annual Curtis Fest will feature over 75 local artisans under the beautiful canopy of trees at Curtis Park. Artists and makers include painters, sculptors, textile artists, and wood workers. Live music, food trucks, a kids Zone and a pet refreshment station makes this …

Bloom mobile boutique features handmade/crafted home goods and accessories. Pretty precious earrings, feminist mugs, California pride and handmade everything sets the stage for the truck. “I love to provide items that are different, something modern, or something useful. Always with a story, and always intended to make the recipient feel loved. The truck is petite …

Roadwork began this week on Hutchison Drive west of La Rue Road, one part of the Davis campus’s summer schedule of street, sidewalk and path improvement projects, as well as pavement repair. Drivers should expect lane closures and other traffic controls at all the project sites.

In a job interview, a hiring manager will likely ask why you want to work for the company. See these tips for delivering a solid response.

Enjoy food, education, fun, agriculture, entertainment, arts, music and more at the 2019 Ohio State Fair, July 24 - August 4.

Monsoons bring rain during hot summers in Arizona. Western Exterminator describes common monsoon season pests in AZ. Contact us today about pest problems!

On July 14, 2012, Patris relocated her studio, gallery and art center from the corner of 12th and S in downtown Sacramento into the Oak Park Historic District to become a major player in the flourishing revitalization efforts underway there. Now the Patris Studio and Gallery- Northern California’s premier art venue for art classes, life drawing/painting sessions, art exhibits and much …

Few will agree with him publicly but Iverson is in surprisingly good company.

It's your responsibility to create an environment that encourages people to speak their minds.

Why do you craft/make? How did you learn? The amazing women in my life taught me to sew as a child on my grandmother’s old Singer sewing machine. I have always loved creating items for others to enjoy. Now, I am so excited to share my passion with you and the babies in your life! …

Personalize her card with beautiful Christian Mother's Day Card quotes from current Christian leaders, historical Christian leaders, or even political leaders. Choose one that you think your dear mother would enjoy and write her a card or a letter. She will treasure it forever, because moms are sentimental like that.

The children we care for may need to spend time every week seeing a therapist to help them process their trauma history. This is a good thing. However, it begs the question…what about you? The caregiver? What if you need therapy to? How do you find this? I believe deeply in the importance of therapy […]

A new study out of Italy has found one more reason to consider eating insects; certain types are absolutely packed with antioxidants.

QuadReal's Cheryl Gray has been named a 2019 Woman of Influence in commercial real estate in a newly introduced category to recognize proptech innovation

Simultaneous Avalanche Born in Sacramento, California Jim moved to Aspen, Colorado to be a real ski bum and in 1964 he became the first city draftsman for the City of Aspen. He returned to Sacramento in 1967 and founded Simultaneous Avalanche, a psychedelic light show which led to designing and drawing rock art posters. These …

The mission of the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber is to promote and develop business growth for our members and provide access to the Hispanic Market.

The Mondavi Center's mission is to present a rich program of diverse artists and thinkers in public performance and as the basis for education and engagement programs on our campus and in our region; and to steward and sustain a state-of-the-art venue for artists and audiences.

Convinced that the Fed will soon cut its rate late to sustain economic growth, investors pushed the Dow past 27,000 and the S&P 500 past 3,000, both firsts.

Libby Harmor is a ceramic artist among other things. Libby has been working with shredded money since the mid 90’s. She recently discovered that window screen is the perfect canvas. The holes in the screen are 1/16th of an inch high, the perfect size. It takes about an hour per square inch to create the …

“See our latest blog: From the Papers: Letterpress correspondence

Bob Girasek moved to northern California from Pennsylvania 35 years ago. The light and colors of California are so different that even the emotional themes of his work changed. He works in oils on canvas. Having begun his work in Realism, he soon found himself immersed in Expressionist and Impressionist works. While fascinated with women’s faces …

In Northern California, namely here in the Sacramento Valley, the weather can get pretty warm in the summertime. As the temperatures rise, here in Davis, there are a plenty of ways to beat the heat that won't break the bank, either. The best part about summer in Davis is enjoying the warm sun and taking part in recreational activities that will keep you cool at the same time.

Plus, you can now pay a premium to request a quiet Uber driver, and there is a new mentorship app.

Vacation requests don't have to create guilt if managers plan ahead and employees are given the power to work through their conflicts.

From its launch in 2003, WordPress has risen from an obscure content management platform to the power behind 33% of

Amy began making collars for cats and dogs because she wasn’t able to find collars that suited her dogs and cats. Pets each have their own distinct personality and she wanted a collar that expressed the uniqueness of her office mascots: Mickey, Julius and Chewy. Mickey the cat, considers himself Dad over the pack of …

It's important to send your children to school with a healthy lunch, but it's also important to ensure they eat it.

Use a worry board to decorate a foster care bedroom with something fun and functional for both the foster child and the foster parents.

Prevention is the best way to keep your pets safe from biting bugs. Protect your furry companions from summer pests with these tips from Western Exterminator.

Respect is a given. But only if you give it to yourself. Sound crazy? Read on, MacDuff. Here are five undeniable ways to create the respect you need, in your relationships and your career.

Gigi Kean, a high school special education teacher, knew Maci, then 17, as a student at her school. Gigi didn’t directly work with Maci, but they talked sometimes, and Maci came to her for support with emotional and social issues. She knew that Maci was hard of hearing and that she lived in a group home for teenagers. Gigi had experienced some childhood struggles, and she saw a bit of herself in Maci’s spirit
“I saw her as a super-smart, vivacious, fiery young…

“Artist of the Year” at the North American Folk Alliance Annual Gala. Plus many more accolades for this 'symphonic folk' group.
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In the age of Silicon Valley and startups, business wear is no longer just primly tailored suits and shiny shoes. Hoodies, turtlenecks, and jeans are now acceptable in some industries and offices, but there are still rules that should be followed to make sure you feel confident and are perceived as a professional in your...

Bigelow Leathers, makes handcrafted, old style leather journal collections. Each item is handcrafted in the Sacramento Valley using time-honored processes. Their goods are custom designed to illuminate the unique characteristics of the leather. Rediscover the lost art of journaling and begin preserving your legacy. The 13th Annual Curtis Fest will feature over 75 local artisans under the …

Researchers have analyzed the existing data on 'Oumumua and have provided reasons why they believe it is not an alien-controlled spacecraft.

This is my attempt to make lives more simple, more meaningful and more beautiful, through photography, organizing & foster care adoption.

Do giant whip scorpions sting? Should you be afraid of them? Western Exterminator tells you about the giant whip scorpion, also known as the vinegaroon.

Jamison learns to connect on an interpersonal level with the Dale Carnegie Course: www.dalecarnegie.com/en/topics/people-skills

Daily Lift podcasts are short takes on inspiring ideas to enrich your day and share with friends.

Creating a Family, the national infertility, adoption, and foster care education & support nonprofit, provides information & resources on domestic infant adoption, foster care adoption, international adoption, fostering/foster parent resources, embryo donation/adoption, attachment, transracial adoption, and adoptive parenting. We also provide resources on infertility, fertility treatment, IVF, donor sperm, donor egg, surrogacy, infertility grief, and coping with infertility.

Getting a celebrity to invest in your vision as well as your business offers you more than just star power.

This easy to set up seashell fossils in playdough activity includes opportunities for hands-on learning as well as sensory play.