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LAKE TAHOE -- When Lake Tahoe comes to mind, you might think of the beautiful landscape, boating and paddleboarding -- but the crystal-clear water is also perfect for something out of this world.
“This is a simulated zero-gravity environment when you’re in neutral buoyancy,” Advancing X CEO Dr. Eduardo Diaz said.

STOCKTON -- Stockton’s historic City Hall may be transformed into housing units.
The city is now in a 180-day period with Cort Companies to see if the plan is feasible.
Cracked paint, a run-down roof and other significant problems have plagued Stockton’s 93-year-old City Hall for years.
“We all have the same goal in mind, which is to save this beautiful building,” city Councilwoman Christina Fugazi said.

RENO, Nev. (AP) — Lake Tahoe is the fullest it's been in nearly two decades.
Officials say the alpine lake on the California-Nevada line is approaching the legal limit after snowmelt from a stormy winter left enough water to potentially last through three summers of drought.
For three weeks, Tahoe has been within an inch (25 millimeters) of its maximum allowed surface elevation of 6,229.1 feet (1,898 meters) above sea level,

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