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Bitcoin is one of the hottest topics of the year so far. People everywhere are ditching traditional investing accounts and trading them in for cryptocurrency. You may have heard about Bitcoin online or through a friend, and you may have numerous questions and could be wondering, can I buy a house with bitcoin? The answer is probably not, but don’t rule out Bitcoin just yet
What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency (digital currency) in which peer to peer trading occurs. These transactions…

There's something for every digital entrepreneur on this conference list, curated by a guy who's been to a whole lot of them.

When you purchase peg boards for your garage or shed, you don't always have to hang them up as basic white or brown.You can easily create your own designs an...

When Natalie Woo and Thibault Jousse found a home in Mountain View, California near their work at Google, they couldn’t pass up the opportunity despite the property’s lack of an art studio for after-hours watercolor illustration work. The home comfortably fit the whole family including their spirited 12-year-old son Lucas and energetic white Golden Retriever Koji, so Natalie sought to find a creative solution for carving…

A commitment to diversity should include giving young people more opportunities, said panelists at SIFMA's 2017 Annual Meeting.

Having a professional role that both engages and challenges you is a cornerstone of job fit. Savvy managers are aware of this, and make team members’ professional development a priority.

Choice of: One Month of Cardio Kickboxing Fitness Classes (Ages 14-30) One Month of Cardio Kickboxing Fitness Classes (Ages 31 and older)

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Choose Between Two Options $34 for 1 Month Membership + 1 Free Fitness Orientation for One $75 for 3 Month Membership + 1 Free Fitness Orientation for One

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Choose Between Two Options $99 for window tinting for the back and rear windows ($250 value) $149 for window tinting for the back, rear, and front windows ($350 value)

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Retool your resume with these witty words Your resume is the first thing HR looks at, and unfortunately, you don’t get a chance to talk to them or show them who you are as a person before the inter…

The perfect place to build affordable homes is near major transit stops, so residents don’t have to drive for every errand and can avoid contributing to traffic and pollution. But too many California cities and counties impose zoning restrictions that make it practically impossible.