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Business in Colonial Village - Sacramento, CA

If you were unhappy with the decision reached on your workers’ compensation claim, you do not have to accept it. Consider taking your case through the workers’ compensation appeals process. Read our blog to learn more.

Choice of:
Synthetic Blend Oil Change
Full Synthetic Oil Change
Up to 4 quarts of motor oil
Installation of new oil filter 
Vehicles chassis lubrication
Checking all fluid levels and air filter (if accessible) 
Vacuuming front floors, cleaning the windshield, and checking tire pressure

Choice of:
Smog Check for Vehicles 2000 and Newer
Smog Check for Vehicles 1999 and Older

Choice of:
30 Days of Unlimited Hot Yoga Classes
60 Days of Unlimited Hot Yoga Classes
90-minute classes.
See the schedule.

If you were recently injured at your place of work, you might be pressured by the insurance company to accept a settlement for your claim. Read our blog to learn what you need to know about settling before you consider accepting an offer.

Choice of:
One Silver Wash
Three vouchers Each Good for One Silver Wash
Five vouchers Each Good for One Silver Wash
One wash includes:
Exterior wash
Undercarriage rinse
Hand wipe wheels
Tire dressing
Air fragrance
On-line wheel cleaner
Air fragrance
Interior vacuum
Clean windows inside and out
Dust dash, console, and doors
Towel-dry exterior (includes trunk and door jams)

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When it's all delicious, it's hard to care about the differences. But the more you know about Champagne and Prosecco, the more intelligently you can drink.

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Gunther’s Quality Ice Cream Company was established in April 1940, owned and operated by Herman “Pop” Gunther and his wife, Iva. The Gunther’s worked for a small firm that had opened a chain of ice cream stores throughout the Bay Area. When the company folded after 20 years, the Gunther’s decided to open their own […]

What does it take to start a brewery? The capital requirements, regulations, labor issues, maintenance, and other factors are enough to send many people over the edge and I am often amazed at the n…

The hefty fees you face when you get a speeding ticket rarely bring a smile to your face. The higher the charge for your ticket, the more your stomach drop

CHICAGO - The Chicago Police Department carried out several raids overnight after infiltrating a Facebook group where guns and drug were being sold, according to WGN.
Dozens of suspects were arrested, including a Chicago Public School teacher.
This was a 10-month operation that began in February of this year when a police informant told investigators about gun and drug trafficking going on in a dark corner of social media – the so-called “secret” groups on Facebook.

The Folks from Capitol Garage bring Low Country Cuisine to Sacramento! Located in the heart of midtown, The Porch serves up southern-influenced, down-home low country cuisine! With a heavy emphasis on local ingredients to ensure the freshest, best tasting, highest quality experience possible, our menu is sure to satisfy your tastebuds and leave you smiling. […]

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There's a reason why your laptop keeps dying. Find out if it's time to give in and replace your MacBook's battery.

The Pop-up Pantry program is one of Sacramento State's initiatives to address the issue of student hunger. (Sacramento State/Jessica Vernone)
Thousands of Sacramento State students struggle with food insecurity, and as many as 3,600 are homeless. Add to that a sudden, unexpected expense, and they may drop out of school and never return
Sac State, where nearly half of the students are eligible to receive federal…

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85 Percent of Office Professionals Surveyed Consider Flexible Workplace Design Important || 5 Ways to Help Residents Calculate Renters Insurance Coverage || Top Five Cybersecurity Threats to Real Estate Businesses and many more Industry Headlines

I was told about your website from a customer, she told me you was amazing and very blessed with the word. I’m so happy I visited your website and I will continue to visit and watch your sermons. You continue to be awesome!! Thank you
Powerful Women of God. We need more men and women of God like her. If I lived in Sacremento, Ca I would definitely be a disciple of TIP ministries. I pray you all realize the gift of…

Be Burn Aware is our year-round campaign to help keep children safe from burn injuries, especially at home. The campaign includes activity books for children, information on basic home safety for adults and educational videos for the entire family.

Every year, I think I'm going to be healthy and reasonable about my reading life. I tell myself that I understand the limitations on my time and energy, and it's simply not possible to read all the b