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Good quality sunglasses are important as they offer protection to our eyes from the UV rays of the sun. One has to always look out for the quality of the sunglasses before purchasing them. This is because sunglasses are not only purchased to add to one's look, but also to protect one's eyes from harmful rays
Why are sunglasses important?
Sunlight has harmful rays which can cause a lot of damage. Eyes are considered to be sensitive and they can be easily damaged.…

A relieved European Union would welcome another Brexit referendum with open arms, as well as fear and suspicion.

Cast your mind back to this cushty moment from Only Fools and Horses (it shouldn’t be hard, you’ve probably seen it 50 times by now).

A powerful bomb exploded early Monday outside the southern Athens headquarters of Greece's private Skai broadcaster, which has been strongly critical of government policies, damaging the glass-fronted building but causing no injuries.

The restaurant chain is donating $380,000 accrued from a fundraising effort last month.

A very talented mommy named Jenna put together a very special bunch of face swaps together. Want to see Tom as Garth Brooks? Christina as lung infection guy?...

'WTF's', 'LOLs' and 'U up?' texts will remain tax free in California.

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Is your family’s car insurance sufficient? Find out with our Car Insurance for Families coverage checklist!

Today in the United States, more than 123,000 children in foster care are waiting for a permanent home through adoption. Nearly 45 percent of these children are ages eight or older—and desperately need the stability, guidance, and love that only a family can provide.

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