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Influencer marketing has been taking some hits in recent months, but there is a trusted, safe way for building products brands to get involved
Earlier in 2019, two separate documentaries detailed the train wreck that was the Fyre Festival . Aside from triggering unhealthy doses of schadenfreude directed at wealthy millennials who were so easily snookered by the festival’s organizers, the films also were a stinging…

Canadian construction firm JD Composites has completed its first concept home, made from about 612,000 recycled plastic bottles. Beach House is located in Nova Scotia, Canada, and is not only a great example of how recycled plastic can be put to good use, but it's also hurricane resistant.​

You know that petting your dog feels good, now science is backing you up. A recent study conducted by Washington State University scientists found that cuddling and stroking a cat or dog for just a few minutes can reduce your cortisol levels. “Just 10 minutes can have a significant impact,” Patricia Pendry, an associate professor in WSU’s Department of Human Development, said in a statement. “Students in our study that interacted with cats and dogs had a significant reduction in cortisol, a

Household growth has finally returned to normal levels after years of below trend gains. Housing supply, however, remains constrained, with new additions insufficient to meet the need for both additional demand and replacement of older housing. The shortfall in new housing is keeping upward pressure on house prices and rents, limiting significant improvements in affordability, particularly among moderate income households in high cost markets. The next…

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WeWork will claim entire office component at forthcoming Decatur development and part of 725 Ponce.

The City of Atlanta is an Equal Opportunity Employer
The city does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, veteran's status or national origin, or any other basis prohibited by federal, state or local law. We value and encourage diversity in our workforce
The City of Atlanta does thorough pre-employment checks that may include…

By Kadejah Brathwaite From lazy to self-centered, millennials have been criticized for just about everything. But these rumored egoistic, selfie-takin...

By Kadejah Brathwaite, Editorial Intern Fine-tuned leadership skills in the workplace are what separate the good from the great in business. According...

Most animals are genetically wired to spend a certain amount of time on activities that meet their requirements for survival. For most domestic pets, particularly dogs and cats, these requirements include opportunities to play, explore their environment, rest, socialize, acquire and eat food, and eliminate.

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A Texas A&M veterinarian says Independence Day activities put pets at an increased risk for injuries, gastrointestinal problems and anxiety.

A plant-based cookout and block party is set for the West Side for the Fourth of July holiday weekend. The event, scheduled on July 6 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Shifting Energies Fairgrounds is presented by the Urban Community Revitalization Project, an organization founded by Issa Prescott and Akumba Ashanti that focuses … Continued

Tropical Shipping Assistant Vice President Tim DiPietropolo in Miami. Tim DiPietropolo enjoys ‘sharing how exciting our industry and the Caribbean region The evening before the container ship Tropic Dawn’s first scheduled voyage into the shallow waters of Parrot Cay, Tim DiPietropolo’s Proline speedboat was having engine problems.

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