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Harvard College’s Class of 2022 filled Tercentenary Theatre on Monday for First-Year Convocation to hear lessons on fellowship and friendship, responsibility and reward that will last beyond the school year.

Sponsored Content: Research suggests that many new fathers, as well as adoptive parents, can experience postpartum depression.

Transitioning from work to retirement can be bumpy, as we wrestle with questions of identity and rebuilding relationships. Teresa Amabile presents preliminary findings on the journey to after-work life.

A funny thing about the U.S. Constitution is that it’s written down. Words might seem like an obvious feature of a constitution, but they're notably missing fro

The fall semester is off to a busy start, with Harvard students scrambling to sample a variety of classes before settling on their course load.

We each have our favorite, but should we all be slogging away on the treadmill or braving the roads to get our running fix? Here are some vital points to consider for when planning your next training program.

Tips to help calm children's fears and prepare for the possible strike of Hurricane Florence.

The past few weeks have seen some major marathons take place on the international racing scene. The London Marathon, for example, took place April 22 in the warmth of a spring heatwave. While seasoned marathoners may be acclimatized to the effects of running such a distance, those less experienced marathoners may well be feeling the effects afterwards! Here are some top tips on how to recover quickly from a marathon, or any other endurance event.

Changes in balance and gait can be an indication of incipient neurologic disease, such as Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease. But there is evidence that there can be subtle changes in balance, and thus concern about neurologic injury, in young adults who engage in sports that involve blows to the head. A study authored by Dr. John Jeka of the University of Delaware found that soccer players who moved the ball more often by heading it were more likely to have problems with…

One mom added an unexpected item to the middle school preparation checklist: a tube of toothpaste.

Hold on to your hocks, Dorchester — four furry four-legged munchers will be coming to the neighborhood this week to help clean up Dorchester Park. This is the latest local development in the ongoing trend of “goatscaping,” or using the animals to landscape spaces that are difficult for their human counterparts to work in.

Many people ask, "Is ADHD a learning disability?" The short answer is no. They are different but sometimes have overlapping symptoms. They should, however, be diagnosed and treated separately.

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