Health in Roslindale, MA

Based on close examination of thousands of fossilized fish teeth, a Harvard researcher found that, while the asteroid impact that killed off the dinosaurs did lead to the extinction of some fish species, it also set the stage for two periods of rapid evolution among marine life.

Nutrition researchers with widely varying views on dietary guidelines for fats and carbohydrates offered a model for transcending the diet wars, with both sides agreeing on overall diet quality.

Using an innovative robotic platform to observe bees’ behavior, Harvard researchers showed that, following exposure to a commonly used class of pesticides, bees spent less time nursing larvae and were less social than other bees.

Parenting is no easy job. ADHD parenting can be even more stressful, but with more awareness of information about ADHD, parents are living by new rules.

When your child has an allergy, every food they ingest can be cause for scrutiny. How can you be sure they're safe at school?

While some social networks have been shown to intrinsically lead to cooperation, others been shown to not only lead to a breakdown in cooperation, but produce outright spite.

Pause… Breathe… Smile… those are the 3 magic words I constantly try to hone in with my 5-year-old. Do they work? With reminders and on a good day, yes. Otherwise… not so much.

Family health information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Recommendations for prevention and treatment, and practical tips on how to get rest and stay sane.

The Boston Preservation Alliance celebrates 40 years of protecting places, promoting vibrancy, and preserving character. Featuring Boston Mayor Marty Walsh.

At this year’s Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital Golf Tournament, participants and supporters were treated to a full day of fun. Over 100 golfers, including several BWFH staff, turned out for a challenging round at The Dedham Country and Polo Club. The event raised $200,000 thanks to the generosity of our many sponsors, including leadership sponsor Ryan Construction.

10-year-old Hunter Rowland of Raleigh competes in the premiere of the Universal Kids TV show ‘American Ninja Warrior Junior,’ a spinoff of the NBC show. The Brooks Elementary 5th grader is the daughter of Pete and Hannah Rowland.

This November at the polls voters will face a ballot question which would enforce government-mandated nurse staffing levels at all hospitals across the state. If Question 1 passes, the law would require every hospital to adopt one-size-fits-all nurse-to-patient ratios, enforced at all times, regardless of a hospital’s size, location or patient needs.

Baseball players at all skill levels routinely suffer from foot and ankle injuries, with position players being afflicted more often than pitchers or catchers..