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$27 for a 60-minute Swedish massage with hand and foot exfoliation ($95 value)

Teach children 12 and under about the best habits for their teeth, as well as the importance of sealants, mouthguards and braces.

Located three blocks from Grand Central Terminal in the heart of mid-town Manhattan, New York Fertility Services specializes in a highly-personalized experience of meeting your fertility needs in a relaxed, unique setting. NYFS offers a wide array of services ranging from cutting-edge technological advancements in fertility medicine coupled with the dedication of eastern fertility principals, delivered in a one-on-one style that you just won’t get from…

Deck your private hell with boughs of holly! The holiday season is upon us, and it can be excruciating for anyone dealing with infertility. With the gatherings and chatter and glitter, and with the focus so often on children and family, the Thanksgiving-to-Christmas-to-New Year trifecta can feel like a series of events designed to highlight what you lack. Of course, many people cherish these traditions, and I am all for the joy of coming together. Yet it’s also true that there’s no place…

Acupuncture fits into a broader treatment approach known as traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM. Whereas 10 or 15 years ago, TCM approaches were considered fringe within the fertility field, today 24% of patients attend clinics that offer acupuncture services, according to our data
Theoretically, there are multiple ways in which acupuncture helps fertility. The first is by increasing blood flow to the ovaries, which helps to…

Sugar isn't a harmless indulgence. Too much of it is associated with nearly every health problem you could imagine.

We all know that spending time outdoors is good for you, but the benefits of spending time specifically at the beach have just been revealed.

Advances made in the treatment of infertility over the past 20 years are impressive, ranging from radical new techniques to edit embryonic genes to incre...

Over the last 35 years, we’ve helped thousands of people with the allergies using advanced diagnostic tools and treatment. Call today.

1 in 5 teenagers have hearing loss, which experts believe is in part due to the use of earbuds. William H. Shapiro, an audiologist and a clinical associate p...

It's not uncommon to live in fear of taking young kids out to eat. I can be a disaster. Here are 10 tips for eating out with young kids.

Learn tooth and gum healthy habits, oral health concerns, nutrition and more during your pregnancy.

Starbucks covers $20,000 for IVF and related medication for all eligible employees including part-time baristas

Buy 1 Get 1 + FREE Eye Exam! At Stanton Optical, we promise to deliver expert eye care services and the highest quality products at the lowest cost to you.

If you spot any of these while visiting your mom or dad, it may be time to take action that will help.

Frozen embryo transfer (FET) offers more convenience and a better success rate than a fresh embryo transfer in in-vitro fertilisation (IVF).

Fact! Sugar is bad for our teeth. Of course, this comes as no surprise yet sugar-related dental problems are still the most widespread cause of poor oral health and disease. The message is clear and simple though, reducing the amount of sugar which is in our diets will help to reduce the damage it can cause to our teeth, with the added bonus of improving our waistlines along the way.

Published in Resolve for the journey and beyond, Winter 2013
It is late on a Tuesday evening. I am patiently waiting for my eight-month-old baby girl’s laundry to dry. She has grown so fast lately that only a few pairs of her footed pajamas still fit her, all of which are in the dryer delaying our usual bedtime routine. Too impatient to wait for the entire cool down, I stop the dryer and feel the warmth of her tossed clothes while smelling the…

The popular stimulant can improve performance, but it might have some drawbacks that most people don’t consider.

Conventional wisdom says apps aren’t for old people. But that may change as tech startups take on a sizable need: caring for elderly relatives

The hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (better known as hCG) is produced during pregnancy. This page covers key information about hCG levels.

Up to half of cancer patients of reproductive age do not receive adequate information about the impact of treatment on their fertility, decreasing their options for family planning and support, a new study suggests.

Common sense would tell you that brushing your teeth after eating breakfast is good, because you clean off all the gunk from your meal, right? Sometimes, though the opposite is true: You're better off brushing beforehand, or waiting 30 minutes after you eat. Here's why.

Caring for a elderly parents takes a toll on families. When is the right time to move to assisted living? We ask a psychologist for signs.

We put together 9 taste-bud–teasing sandwiches and salads that will make your brown-bag lunches seem anything but ordinary.