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Advanced Energy has long been a leader in powering the future innovation with the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Strategic insights you can use.

As March is the month in which we celebrate International Women’s Day, we wanted to highlight as many women in the engineering and manufacturing industry as possible.

Game of Throne fans will have their chance to stake their claim on the Dragonstone Throne at the Optimum Experience Store in Westfield South Shore mall in Bay Shore.

AIA survey reveals record sales of $2.87 billion, last year, following six straight years of growth.

A study of older adults in England found those who had none of their own teeth fared worse in memory and walking speed tests than counterparts who still had some natural teeth.

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An official memorial service is being held at the Elgar Petersen Arena in Humboldt, Sask., one year after the fatal Broncos bus crash. The crash left 16 people dead, including two coaches, 10 players, an athletic therapist, statistician, radio announcer and bus driver.

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Posted By: GroupDentistryNow February 14, 2019
Group dentistry is constantly changing and evolving. There isn’t just one path to success. While private equity and the dental industry may be focused on large DSOs, smaller, but equally important emerging groups are quietly changing the landscape of dentistry
All DSOs by definition provide non-clinical support services to affiliate dental practices, so they can in turn provide quality care…

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Making your own gluten-free brown rice flour tortillas is so simple! With just a few ingredients you can make healthier tortillas at home....

It’s easy to take an invention for granted when it’s been around for over 3,000 years. You probably can find glass right near you as you read this. That ceramic coffee cup, the ever-present smartphone, your flat-panel monitor, a pair of spectacles. Maybe you can look through the self-cleaning glass that shapes today’s skyscrapers. Many …

The Graston technique is a form of soft tissue mobilization used by chiropractors and designed to break down the scar tissue, as well as stretch connective tissue and muscle fibers.

The Investor Relations website contains information about's business for stockholders, potential investors, and financial analysts.

What does innovation really mean to a company? As I think about the future for Advanced Energy and our customers, it is clear to me that a holistic vision of innovation, which uses the customer experience and market needs for its foundation, is the most viable strategy. Before you dismiss that remark as platitude, let …

VACUUM WEB COATING Eliminating thin-fi lm coating roadblocks with new power con fi guration development By Dave McAninch, dir.-Strategic Marketing, ACDC Products, Advanced Energy Abstract Thin-fi lm coating professionals deal with a variety of issues. These include the need to reduce process temperature for heat-sensitive substrates; power-level limitations due to heat, material and current; and anodes that “disappear” in high deposition-rate con fi gurations (DC). Dynamic…

Behind the scenes of the Gemtress/TressAllure catalog photo shoot.

Powerful, responsive Joomla templates. Denali is a flexible design loaded with features that make it a splendid choice for traveling shows and events, photographers, startups, venues, and beyond.

As synthetic wigs win more admirers, a hugely popular national program that offers real-hair wigs for free is winding down efforts to collect donations. Stylist is cutting the long locks of a gener…

Social Workers are called to work with diverse populations. Although it is impossible to become an expert on all ethnic, racial, and religious groups that we work with, basic understandings of the concepts of oppression and privilege, specifically how they intersect with race, is essential to successful work with individuals, groups and communities

Although spring brings great weather and a fresh feeling, sometimes we can’t avoid the miserable and inconvenience of the common cold
Our lifestyle plays a huge role in whether or not we stay healthy on a consistent basis, and it can be hard to bring the right nutrients into your daily eating regime to assure you are boosting your immune system.
Our immune system is a vital part of us staying healthy, as well as our body being able to function to its…

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Advanced Energy is your global power solutions leader supplying high voltage power supplies, HVPS, power delivery systems, power control modules and more.

Creating healthy and healing environments in behavioral health services for children as well as adults requires a thorough understanding of trauma, the effects of early childhood exposure to toxic and chronic stress and, most importantly, how to build people build resilience in the face of adverse.

There are many factors that affect your sleep, and out of all of them, food is perhaps the main one. Here are 6 foods that make you lose sleep...

This workshop will explore Grief from a bio/psycho/social perspective. It will also examine the different ways grief manifests itself in children and adults, the rootings of complicated grief, and the transferential issues confronting clinicians who work with the bereft.

The electrolyte battery is a broad class of batteries, and almost every rechargeable battery on the market today is an electrolyte battery in one form or another. Electrolyte batteries can use acids, soluble salts, bases, gels or dry solids as the electrolyte material. The most common types on the m