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Every day at Kids 'R' Kids is an adventure. Beyond daycare or childcare, we have developed our curriculum as a steppingstone for learning and development.

Our online preschool application is now available to apply for any possible openings for the 2017-2018 school year. Your child will be placed on a wait list and we will notify you as soon as possible with availability. Keep in mind, this wait list is for the 2017-2018 school year only and you must re-apply if your child is still eligible for the 2018-2019 school year
Our Preschool Roundup on February 23, 2018 will be the first opportunity to apply for the various…

ASAP's Growing Minds Farm to School Program started working with preschool age children in 2007 in Henderson County through a partnership with Western Carolina Community Action. Through this work and our work with various other childcare facilities, a number of farm […]

Why North Carolina is leading a knockdown, drag-out fight to get 4-year-olds off waitlists and into pre-K

Children must be four-years-old by September 1 to enroll in the Kindergarten Readiness Preschool program. Applications are accepted in the spring of each year. Enrollment is limited and families are encouraged to apply early. If openings remain after the deadline, applications are accepted until all classes are full.
To qualify for the 2017-18 Kindergarten Readiness Preschool program, household pre-tax income guidelines are listed below:

In the Wilderness, preschoolers learn math, science, music, language arts, multicultural, and writing.

This nontraditional school setting in the northwestern United States is Cedarsong Nature School, a Forest Kindergarten on Vashon Island.

When You Sign Up, You’ll Learn How To:Manage Your Child’s Meltdowns with EaseImplement Parenting Strategies that WorkGet a Grip on Morning and Evening RoutinesResolve Even the Hardest Battle…GracefullyGain Confidence in Your Parenting Despite What Anyone SaysPLUS: ✔ Get 2 Hot Tips for Helping Children Cooperate✔ Learn 3 Surprising Mistakes Parents Make With Preschoolers✔ Discover the Power [...]

Registration for 2018-19 is now open! Contact the office at or 804-360-4354 Mission Statement AGAPE Preschool will provide the community surrounding our facility with a God-centered preschool, designed to bring about the emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual growth of our preschoolers and their families. Statement of Faith We believe that the Bible is the …

The Pediatric Insider © 2016 Roy Benaroch, MD Erika wrote in: “Is it normal for a 4 year old to have musty armpits? Only I can smell it because I jam my nose in her pits, but otherwise no odor eman…

Winfield USD 465 is located in Winfield, KS and has seven schools in its district.

The following article was sent out in my City View Newsletter, which you can sign up to receive here. Every child in our city deserves a strong and fair start. The Seattle City Council took another step today to provide...

Christian preschool and day care in Athens, Ga. - Call Cornerstone today at 706-549-0000 to experience the best in preschool and day care in Athens, Ga.

CHICAGO — A few years ago, 4-year-old Danny was on the verge of being expelled from a Chicago preschool for violent behavior when a woman named Lauren Wiley was called in to help. She met with the boy’s teacher, who thought he needed to be medicated for attention deficit disorder. But as Wiley listened, the teacher …

Review general curricula for preschool, what to expect for each subject, and activities that can be done at home to support learning in the classroom.

Preschool Tests Take Time Away from Play - and Learning
The trend in early education is to move from play-based curriculum to a more school-like environment of directed learning. But is earlier better? And better at what?
by: Paul Tullis
On a perfect Southern California morning not long ago, a gaggle of children gathered in the backyard of a million-dollar home in an upscale Los Angeles neighborhood to celebrate the birthday of twin four-year-old girls. The host parents had rented a petting zoo…

The Dechoker For Preschoolers - Effective, Affordable Choking Relief for preschoolers, toddlers and infants who think the whole world belongs in their mouth