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There is nothing simple about answering the questions posed by the special counsel in this investigation.

President Trump said Saturday that he would deliver his written responses to questions from special counsel Robert Mueller next week.

An animal welfare organization is offering a cash reward for more information about the shooting death of a dolphin in Manhattan Beach, California, earlier this month.

President Trump on Saturday met with survivors and others affected by the Thousand Oaks bar shooting during his trip to California to visit areas damaged by several major wildfires.

Democrats say Sen. Sherrod Brown is a potential 2020 candidate who could thread the needle and unite a party divided by people debating whether it’s better to move to the left or the center to win back the White House.

The ultimate user experience is a single button click to launch a meeting from any device, room, or platform. But bridging the gap between this ideal and your current state is complex, and challenging.

Using resume action words and active voice can turn your resume from a snooze-fest to something recruiters actually want to read.

Did you know that a shocking 40% of employees never bother to approach their manager to discuss a promotion or career progression! According to a survey conducted by Robert Half Finance, nearly 82% of employees actually want to discuss their career prospects, but almost half of them never actually do. There appears to be a …

I’ve been a lifelong, avid reader. I devour both fiction and nonfiction, and I read on a variety of subjects. One of the things reading affords you with is the exposure to the rich and varied tapestry that is the English language. As a result, I have always scored very highly on any assessment of …

Dungey, the first black executive to run the entertainment division at a major network, was hired in February 2016.

Some people fall into the trap of believing what they consider to be universal truths about career planning. In reality, those “truths” are anything but, and those who buy into them are doing themselves a disservice. In this article, we will debunk the most common of those myths, so you will know not to be

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Language suggesting the agreement will terminate undermines investor confidence, and the agreement fails to protect U.S. companies that invest abroad.

President Trump on Saturday kept the door open to a potential government shutdown if an upcoming deal to fund parts of the government does not include funding for a border wall.

A recently revealed court filing points to U.S. prosecutors having already pressed sealed charges against the WikiLeaks founder.