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There are people who can help you take on your caregiving role with information, guidance and support.

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Join a growing organization and gain valuable leadership skills. We are looking for a High School or College graduate passionate about helping people. This pe

Here in the UK, businesses have spent the past few years scrambling to make plans for the coming split from the European Union. In the accounting industry, t

This year's Nobel Prize in Physics, awarded for discoveries in laser physics, recognizes optical tweezers. Now researchers from the University of [...]

There was an explosion and fire with injuries Thursday evening at an energy facility, CBS Pittsburgh reports. At least four people were hurt at MarkWest on Western Avenue in Washington, Pennsylvania.

The Wayne County Sheriff's Office arrested a man in the Town of Ontario after a series of fights over TV volume...

Officials with a Delaware school district say they've taken steps to support a middle school student who reportedly has been bullied for the past two years because his last name is Trump. Brandywine School District officials say Joshua Trump's parents raised concerns about their son's safety last week with staff at Talley Middle School in Wilmington.

An employee tells ABC7 News that Mike Isabella’s Pepita restaurant could close in as little as two weeks. The Washingtonian reports that it’s one of several restaurants in jeopardy. “They’re convenient they are nice, they are nice restaurants. it’s going to be a big kind of void here. This whole block is pretty much his,” said customer Emma. The magazine reports that the celebrity chef has now filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September.

Every year, 7 On Your Side teams up with the Marines to help collect toys for “Toys for Tots. ” But this year the drive is falling short because a major donor isn’t involved. Before declaring bankruptcy, Toy R Us was collecting $5 million in cash donations, and $3 million worth of toys for the charity each year. Here’s how you can help: You can still donate toys in collection bins at stores, firehalls, and other locations like at the ABC7 studios in…

The surcharge would help fund public telecommunications programs like 911 service and subsidized phone rates for low-income Californians.

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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (AP) - A tech billionaire whose elaborate wedding in a redwood grove violated California rules has helped create a smartphone app that shows users a map of more than 1,500 spots where people can get to the coastline.The California Coastal Commission unveiled the YourCoast app at its meeting Thursday in Newport Beach.

Smithsonian carnivore keepers were surprised by the unexpected death of an apparently healthy red panda eight days ago. Henry, a 4-year-old male red panda, died at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Va. , according to a statement. SCBI is awaiting a final pathology report to determine the cause of death. Henry was born in June 2014 at SCBI to mother Regan and father Rocco.

A construction defect on the Silver Line could lead to more delays in finishing the line out to Dulles International Airport and beyond. Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority says more than 400 concrete ties used when tracks cross are tilted by a fraction of an inch. MWAA rejects the contractor's temporary fix of using steel shim inserts to level the track. 7 On Your Side Watchdog Investigator Nathan Baca explains just what happened to cause this problem. WJLA.

A bank decided to give a single mom the ultimate Christmas gift by paying off her student loans. Jasmine Ford was the first in her family to go to college. She eventually graduated, became a nurse, and started working two jobs to support herself, her son and pay off $150,000 in student loans. "Becoming a nurse and being able to serve in the field that I'm in is the greatest honor of my life second to having my son," she recently told media…

If technology were easy to manage, we’d be out of business. The harsh reality is that even desktop computers — which have been available at the consumer level for almost 30 years — tend to be unreliable unless they receive regular care and attention. And if your business can’t effectively support something as simple as …

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How can your business benefit from Office 365
Let the experts enlighten you
Growing your office’s capacity while keeping costs down is all in a day’s work for
most business owners. Strategies for how to do that may change based on the size
of your organization, but there's a universal need for dependable tools to get work
done and stay focused. With Microsoft’s industry-leading productivity programs…

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Target and Walmart are being sued over sales of lead-contaminated children's toys in New York state...

Beyond just profits, how do you "measure what matters" at your company
There's a new initiative in town called MeasureUp Finger Lakes, which encourages companies to use the B Impact Assessment to get a more holistic measure of success and see how they "measure up" compared to other companies in the region. But it's not a competition! The MeasureUp initiative is meant to encourage businesses throughout the finger lakes to learn from each other and raise the bar together!
You don't need to…

Trying to pul off a normal detail on a car like this Maserati MC12 Corsa could have disastrous results. Here's an alternative approach.

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