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The Lynk & Co 03 TCR might have a tiresome name, but it's a cool sedan against plenty of hatchbacks, which will be driven by three world champions.

Like all 911s before it, the 992-generation car is all about the little details.

There are all sorts of outrageous exhaust designs out there. Which is your favorite?

Amazon is bringing Clarkson, Hammond, and May back for a fourth season of shenanigans, but that season will be road trips only, no tent.

There are a bunch of great sleeper cars on the market right now. Which is your favorite?

Warm Sounds and Good Vibrations ​ "Everything in life is vibration." ~ Albert Einstein

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It’s the limonene in oranges and other citrus peels that pops the balloons. Limonene is a great solvent for cleaning and is found in many cleaning formulas.
I can’t answer the question about burning. I just tried to burn an orange peel unsuccessfully. Maybe it burns if it’s dried out?

Table Top Arcade Game
Includes 60 classic games
Real Arcade Controls Including Joystick, and Buttons
1 or 2 players
Joystick and Buttons Light up
*For Residential Use Only
List of Games
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr
Donkey Kong 3
Dig Dug
Crush Roller
Mr Do
Space Invaders
Galaga 3
Tank Battalion
Lady Bug
Burger Time
Juno First
Mr. Do’s Castle
Pinball Action
Gun Smoke
The End
Mspacman (2)
Galaga (2)

Susan Stamberg and Murray Horwitz read a new lineup of Hanukkah stories about magic candles, a view from an old Israeli fortress and a family's Hanukkah spent at Ellis Island.

Blind Date With A Book / Wide Open Mic
Blind Date With a Book: It’s back! We’ll select a variety of books, wrap them in brown paper packaging and write descriptive words on them. Then you pay a dollar and take them home with you! Discounts on gift certificates, gift memberships, and on all the books in the bookstore ($3 paperbacks, $5 hardcovers, and $10 past Rochester Reads books)
Writers & Books is proud to participate in First Friday each month. We pick…