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A neighbor heard the man yelling for help and called the fire department, rescue officials said.

www.popalock.com Pop-A-Lock is the country's largest group of locksmiths, providing 24--hour locksmith service around the country. As a result of years of de...

But the DOJ needs more than one stat and vague threats to prove that encryption backdoors are warranted.

Global banks big and small are dumping their U.S. customers rather than wrestle with a tax law that requires businesses to report all assets held by Americans.

Do the math: Changing your profile's birth year to 2007 makes you 12 -- too young to have an account.

A new book exposes the way America's punitive education system funnels black girls from the classroom into the justice system.

If you see someone claiming you can unlock new Twitter color schemes by changing your birth year to 2007 on the service, don't fall for it.

Greenlining and the Urban Strategies Council analyzed 2013 federal home mortgage data for California, with an in-depth focus on the cities of Fresno, Long Beach and Oakland. The analysis revealed a shockingly low level of lending to African American and… Continue reading

For six years—from 2006 to 2013—I worked inside the intelligence community to enforce laws and policies that protect privacy and civil liberties. My tenure

Door keys are so last year. Smart home technology is growing, and so are options for keyless entry systems. With these ideas you'll never have to tuck another key in a fake rock or under a flower pot.

Last week, Waterstones made international headlines when a hapless tourist from Texas, David Willis, became locked in the Trafalgar Square branch of the bookshop for two hours. Willis had wandered into Waterstones just before 9pm, not realising the store was…

The Marion Police Department has lifted the lock-out at all Linn-Mar schools.

Download "Locked In A Cage" here: smarturl.it/ibangs Twitter: www.twitter.com/brickandmortar Facebook: www.facebook.com/BrickAndMortarO...

V Live, located at 6213 Richmond, is known for after-hours parties featuring scantily-clad dancers carousing with rappers, singers, and athletes. It also apparently owes nearly $200,000 in taxes to the state of Texas. The club is currently padlocked by officials.

More than 200 Pixel phones shipped by buyers to a dealer in New Hampshire have been bricked by Google.

Twitter introduced the new safeguard to fight scammers who've been impersonating Elon Musk in an effort to promote their cryptocurrency scams. However, the account lockdown is easy to lift for human users.

Hundreds of Instagram users have reported compromised accounts where hackers altered profile info and changed contact details to Russian email addresses.