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This page explains how to make a pet and animal emergency plan. It also provides tips and planning tools on how to make a plan
Make a Pet Emergency Plan
ID your pet. Make sure your pet’s tags are up-to-date and securely fastened to your pet's collar. If possible, attach the address and/or phone number of your evacuation site. If your pet gets lost, his tag is his ticket home. Also consider microchipping your pets.
Make sure you have a current photo of…

Help prepare for boating emergencies by keeping a boat emergency kit and other boat emergency equipment on board. Learn more from Travelers.

Our READY “Hazards” API is now available. Share helpful information on how to prepare for, survive, and cope with different types of disasters
20th Anniversary: Red River Flood
$5 billion in damages, 53,000 people evacuated, 95 percent of homes affected. 20 years after the catastrophic Red River flood, survivors tell their stories of resiliency and hard-fought recovery
Building Back Stronger
We can’t keep disasters from happening,…

A selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos recommended by MS Hospital Assoc.

This section contains information on the Emergency Alert System, a resilient form of emergency alert notification, and the National EAS Test that was designed to assess the President’s ability to send a message to the American people within 10 minutes of a disaster.

Learn what to bring with you in the car in case of a roadside emergency.

BCIT has an emergency warning alert system -BCIT ALERT- is designed to keep the BCIT community connected to key information, and to ensure the continued safety of students and staff at the institute
BCIT ALERT will only be used in urgent or emergency situations and snow closures to send a short message to your mobile device, email address or voicemail. The exception is an annual test of the system to all registrants. In order to receive these messages, non-students must register with the…

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division is the coordinating agency responsible for the statewide emergency management program. SCEMD’s mission is to

No one likes to think about disaster striking their home or business. However, emergencies happen every day and it’s possible they could someday happen to you. Having property insurance is a vital first step. But when a fire damages your kitchen, a flood fills your basement, the roof at your business leaks and soaks your Read More

A well-prepared roadside kit can make a huge difference in a driving emergency. Here’s how to build a roadside emergency kit for your personal needs.

Miami-Dade County is monitoring Hurricane Irma. Stay informed with the latest information on openings and closings.

Day 1 - 9 p.m. to 8 a.m. (overnight)
Do not park on either side of the street with the red sign: Snow Emergency Route. Snow plows will clear those streets first
A Snow Emergency will be declared no later than 6 p.m. on any given day. At 9 p.m. on that day, Snow Emergency parking rules begin.
Park on either side of non-Snow Emergency routes (these streets DO NOT have the red sign: Snow Emergency Route).
After a street is fully plowed,…

The Virginia Department of Emergency Management protects the lives and property of Virginia's citizens from emergencies and disasters by coordinating the state's emergency preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery efforts

For those who are interested in topics regarding natural disasters and how to overcome them by Brianna Moyer

The Senior Emergency Kit features several worksheets that family caregivers can complete with the help of a senior loved one. This toolkit can be kept in an easy-to-reach location, such as a nightstand, to allow easy access to information.

Learn when you must call or take your cat to the vet. Emergencies range from obvious things, like a broken leg, to the less obvious, such as a cat skipping meals.

Tips on how to treat and react to a dental emergency. How to care for objects stuck in your mouth, and broken or chipped teeth.