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A 73-year-old widow wrecks her car. Her adult son, realizing it is no longer safe, insists she stop driving. His stubborn mother argues she’s perfectly capable and doesn’t need a chauffeur. It takes a long time before she grudgingly admits he was right.

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Driverless vehicles are usually hit from behind in slow-speed crashes by inattentive humans unaccustomed to machine motorists that always follow the rules.

Here are the basics on key car insurance terms, plus tips on how to keep your premiums in line without taking on unnecessary risks.

Even car keys are getting a major facelift by automakers — here are our favorites.

Proving Apple CEO Tim Cook’s promise, your Apple Watch is already replacing your car keys as these solutions show.

Swedish automaker Volvo will soon introduce an app that will allow your phone to work like a remote key fob with your car.

Your car key can do a lot more than open your door and start your car. And soon, you might not need one at all if you have a smartphone. MarketWatch Radio's Adrienne Mitchell talks about what's on the horizon with AAA director of engineering John Nielsen
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Most elderly drivers give up the keys only when their child or grandchild intervenes. Social workers say it's important for family members to be aware and look for changes in their parents' driving behavior.

Consumer Reports looks at 10 key car repairs that can help you get to 200,000 miles.

Episode 7 of the #CarCareClips: What is "Preventive Maintenance" and why is it so important? Watch this video to find out!

BMW is reviewing the necessity of car keys, Ian Robertson, the company's board member responsible for sales told Reuters.

Five kids have died in hot cars already in the month of June, according to the nonpropfit

Something strange happened during the automotive revolution: The engines got smaller, the batteries got smaller — heck, even the cars got smaller.

Sons and daughters call the Alzheimer’s hotline crying, afraid to tell a parent to stop driving — afraid not to.

Toyota is jumping into the increasingly crowded car-sharing market, and it’s doing it with a flair for innovation that helps explain why it’s the world’s biggest auto seller. The company invented a...

Suppliers ranging from agents to hotel operators to car rental companies have stepped up efforts, especially in recent months, to pair well-heeled travelers with luxury and high-performance vehicles.

The self-driving car, that cutting-edge creation that's supposed to lead to a world without accidents, is achieving the exact opposite right now: The vehicles have racked up a crash rate double that of those with human drivers.