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Tim Compston talks to security vendors and industry experts on the latest in physical security, access control and surveillance moving into 2017.

Physical access control systems need to reduce risk and cost, increase efficiency and add value. Adhering to standards is one way to enable this.

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How IT can bring order and accountability to public cloud usage without getting in the way of progress

Today’s innovative technologies can help security integrators address labor costs, smartphone app accessibility, remote control capability, retrofit conveniences and other requests from commercial and residential customers.

Experts share advice on choosing, designing and installing access control equipment for harsh environments.

Today’s large venues such as stadiums and convention centers must implement advanced access control systems that include the ability to monitor various areas and share data across multiple systems.

Access control growth is driven by several factors
A major shift from PC-based clients systems to solid state, embedded operating systems, browser-based user interfaces, remote...

Wearable technology boasts components that are able to wirelessly transmit data, which could be used for electronic access control systems.

Let TriStar Commercial manage your access control system for your business and save yourself time and energy. Alarm systems can be managed the same way.

New companies and agencies such as planned parenthood are offering women birth control through apps and websites.

Increasing access to birth control means fewer unintended pregnancies and better health outcomes for women and children.

Access Control Systems With access control solutions from Guardian Security, approved users can scan their official credentials at a digital access device attached to the entryway – and you can rest assured that only authorized occupants are in the building. Control & Monitor Access 24/7 Small Business Card Access Male Web Overview Benefits Overview With…

Finding a balance between security systems and budgets, always with the primary goal of a safe campus in mind, can be achieved with planning and advice from the experts.

LONDON—The global and North American markets for biometric access control systems will see double-digit growth rates from 2015 to 2019, according to a recent Technavio report.

A lock and key security system just won't cut it anymore. Protect your business with an access control system.