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Kids across America are earning a lot of "green" for participating a national cabbage growing competition, and an Ohio boy is one of them. Josiah Cutlip, from Cambridge, Ohio, was randomly selected as a winner in the National Bonnie Plants Third Grade Cabbage Program. The program gives over a million kids hands-on gardening experience, while growing colossal cabbages. Select "best in state" winners will receive a $1,000 scholarship.

A Mississippi Gulf Coast man who rammed vehicles because he thought zombies were chasing him has been sentenced to 15 years in prison. The Sun Herald reports 32-year-old Shaun Michael Stroud of Kiln pleaded guilty last week to aggravated assault, grand larceny and malicious mischief. Gulfport police arrested Stroud April 8 after he stole a front-end loader from a recycling center and smashed into at least four cars in a Walmart parking lot, including two with people inside.

University of Missouri students were stunned when a towering dairy cow appeared on campus to make a cameo in a graduation photo shoot. The Columbia Missourian reports that senior animal sciences major Massimo Montalbano brought the 3-year-old cow, named Amelia, to campus on Thursday to join his commencement photo shoot. Montalbano worked with cattle throughout his undergraduate studies with the university's Foremost Dairy Research Center.

An accident in the Town of Hamlin put three people in the hospital Sunday night with injuries...

That's one way to ride. A man was caught on camera clinging to the back of a WMATA bus on the X2 route. The original video was shared on social media by D. C. artist Rasta Tahj. WMATA issued the following statement: What we all witnessed in the video was not just unsafe, it was reckless. While we are thankful that this person was not injured or killed, those outcomes were very real possibilities.

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Colin Kroll, a tech executive who co-founded the HQ Trivia app, has died. He was 34...

Lawyers for the family of a 7-year-old girl who died while in U. S. Border Patrol custody say she did not suffer from a lack of food or water before being picked up by authorities. Their account disputes earlier information released by U. S. officials, who said the girl had not had anything to eat or drink for days. Border Patrol officials did not immediately respond to the family's comments.

SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. (WZTV) — A Kentucky high school's "Adulting Day" is stirring up a lot of conversations online. At Bullitt Central High School, senors spent time not learning math, science or social studies - but instead learned real-life skills. According to WAVE, the community even got involved, participating in one-on-ones. Students learned about dorm-room cooking, how to change a tire and pay bills. Police spoke with kids about interacting with officers at traffic stops.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit said it regrets that a priest officiating at a teen's funeral questioned whether he would get to heaven after killing himself.

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In a cruel paradox, many of the people who produce our food go without enough to eat themselves. Supermarkets must rewrite the rules of how value is created and shared.

Two St. John Fisher College students have been accused of vandalizing a statue of Frederick Douglass.