Travel in Rochester, NY

Here are 17 memorable dining experiences in upstate New York that we had on a 2 week road trip of the region. You won't believe how tasty these meals were!

Braving wintry weather to explore Rochester and Syracuse, a writer digs up info on the Erie Canal, a waterway that had a huge impact on the economic rise of the United States.

Don't peg the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester as just a children's museum. It shows the history of toys and games, plus has working pinball and video games

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Well, balloons, obviously. If you’re asking about the best type of balloon, it really depends on what you’re trying to accomplish and what the design calls for. It’s like asking what the best fabric is to use for any dress. If it’s going to be worn in the summer, it’s probably going to be a thinner, lighter fabric than one that’s intended to keep you warm in the winter. A balloon…

Memorial Day is an important day to remember and honor all who have served and have sacrificied for our country. It has also become seen as the unofficial start of the summer season. To help you celebrate Memorial Day in Rochester, we have pulled together 10 things to do on Memorial Day 2019 in Rochester, NY.

*Taking place in the culturally fluid setting of Chicago in the early 90s, The Undeniable Sound of Right Now explores the generational struggle of adapting amid changing times and changing tastes. The story follows the life of Hank, owner of a legendary rock club that is struggling to stay afloat. When his beloved daughter, Lena, starts dating a rising-star DJ, Hank must contend with the destructive power of the "Next Big Thing." *see website for date and pricing details

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I thought for a bit about whether I should answer this. Note that like a doctor giving medical advice on Quora, you’d be foolish to listen to what I have to say and then try it. This info is provided purely for entertainment value. There is not enough info in what I’m writing here to put an act together. This will just give you the basics of what you should be…

Museum exhibits, color with kaleidoscopes, stage design, and a new staff member.

Information on access, outdoor recreation infrastructure and conditions for those planning to hike, bike, camp, paddle or horseback ride in the Adirondack backcountry.

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What are balloons made of
Several materials are used in the production of modern balloons. Natural latex rubber and metalized nylon (sometimes mistakenly called “Mylar”) are the most common materials. Latex is a natural product derived from trees and is bio/photo-degradable. The production of latex is a natural process of many plants, and tapping…