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It’s certainly not the first time a rocket was sent into space, but it is the first time a private company endeavored to reach beyond Earth's orbit.

Measles cases rose significantly across Europe in 2017. As vaccine percentages stalled and some countries suffered a shortage of the immunizations, 15 countries on the continent saw outbreaks begin. Officials are now working to slow down the outbreaks and find a way to end the preventable disease.

Millions head to India every year and visit a centuries-old monument. Sitting along a river, the Taj Mahal is India's premier landmark and treasured across the globe. But, environmental factors like that polluted river are changing the tomb's structure. What's being done to maintain one of the world's landmarks?

Schedule your demonstration, to see Carestream’s Vue Radiology PACS, which recently won the 2018 KLAS Category Leader for Global PACS - Asia and Oceania for the second year in a row!

Although food is always a perk during foreign trips, many travelers are visiting places just to try local dishes. While you can eat many of the items from home, there's nothing like a fish market in Japan or cooking class in France. These are the premier destinations for hungry travelers who want a culinary holiday.

Learn more about our DRX detector that converts existing X-ray rooms and mobile units to the speed and convenience of full digital X-ray imaging in less than four hours.

Hearing that your child has autism, or any neurological disorder, is so unbelievably scary. Maybe you knew deep down. Or maybe you were oblivious. It honestly doesn't matter because in an instant everything is different.

Understanding The Modern Website
Understand how parts of a modern website work together to produce the experience that a user experiences on a website.

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eBook - The Critical Role of DNS Active Failover in Digital Business Continuity
Most companies today live and die by the success of their digital strategies, so their failover plan must function seamlessly.
Tip Sheet -- Your Guide To CASL Compliance
This paper looks at how adhering to CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) can help you proactively comply with other spam laws: it is that comprehensive.

If you’re rousing your wheels from a prolonged slumber, here's what you need to do before you’re road ready.

We help people earn a living, improve their lives, and strengthen their families and their communities.

Schuman Cheese, a family-owned, specialty cheese producer and importer based in New Jersey, has appointed Partners + Napier as its advertising AOR following a competitive review. 
There was no incumbent agency. Schuman Cheese previously worked with shops on a per-project basis. The agency, part of Project Worldwide will plan brand strategy and activations that target
consumers and trade audiences across multiple channels for both Schuman’s domestically…

Trucks have been around since 1896, but tow trucks, forklift trucks, and semi-trailers got a somewhat later start.

Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - A new medical campus in Henrietta is now open and serving the community.The new facility, located on Middle Road, serves multiple functions for people visiting theHenrietta Medical Campus.Primary care physicians and holistic medic

If you are remotely involved in technology and haven’t just hatched out of an egg, you have probably have heard of Kubernetes. ...

Monday’s Bright Spot shines on students at Greece Athena Middle School and their Just One Day Challenge for Al Sigl Agencies.Students who donated just one dollar were able to wear a hat or backpack all day at school.The student council also challenged othe

A successful telemedicine pilot in Ghana may hold the key to improving access to quality medical care in other developing countries

With his Daytona 500 debut, 24-year-old Darrell "Bubba" Wallace Jr. becomes the first black driver to race full time at NASCAR's highest level since Wendell Scott nearly 50 years ago.

When NASCAR reconvenes at Daytona next month, the calendar won’t be the only significant change. In many ways, it will be a new NASCAR.