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The lovably strange Russian motorcycle company crams some 21st-century technology into the nose of its sidecar.

The legendary motorsports and engineering firm is selling off lots of things, including an entire car, to make room at their headquarters in England.

The first SUV to wear the Rolls-Royce badge may not be beautiful. But it's impressive, in the most vast sense of the word.

If you've ever seen the movie or one-man-show version of A Bronx Tale you already know that it's a captivating, emotional story about a young working class man growing up during the doo-wop era of the 1960's who's torn between the opposing worlds of criminal life on the streets and the proverbial 'straight and narrow.' The musical adaptation of the story, featuring music by Alan Menken and a book by Chazz Palminteri (who wrote the one-man-show and starred in the both the play…

Who wore it better
Titling a book is a tricky business. Too convoluted and you run the risk of looking precious or ridiculous (though your chances of maintaining title originality, if that’s important to you, will be good). Too simple and you all but ensure that your baby will lose its Highlander status within your lifetime (though they will also avoid at least one type of literary schoolyard—aka Book Twitter—taunting). If you do decide to go down the latter route, perhaps the…