Business in Dutchtown - Rochester, NY

"We are planning on spending a lot of time in Iowa and we are going to have an RV — whether my campaign likes it or not," Gillibrand said.

Results of girls basketball and hockey games from Friday, Jan. 18 and the schedule for Saturday, Jan. 19.

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January 18, 2019 11:22 PM
CHICAGO (AP) — The white Chicago officer who gunned down a black teenager in 2014 was sentenced Friday to nearly seven years in prison, ending an explosive case that arose from one of the nation's most graphic dashcam videos and added fuel to debates about race and policing and law enforcement's "code of silence."
Jason Van Dyke was convicted last year of second-degree murder and 16 counts of aggravated battery — one for each bullet fired…

ROCHESTER, N. Y. (WHAM) - People across the area are continuing to prepare for this weekend's winter storm as it draws near. This will be a significant winter storm in the Rochester area. By Sunday morning, many areas near Rochester will see between 10 to 15 inches of snow. As the storm nears, some plan on spending their weekend indoors. "I'm planning on staying in," said Deborah Himes of Henrietta. "I'll find something taped on my DVR to watch.

CRESTVIEW, Fla. (WEAR) -A Florida mother is facing two counts of child neglect charges after officers inspected her home and allegedly found extremely poor conditions while children were living there. According to a report from the Crestview Police Department, the daughter of 23-year-old Angelica Crites called 911 because she and her brother were unable to wake their mother, who was locked inside her room.

FERNDALE, Mich. (AP) — Richard Phillips said he didn't mope much during the 45 years he wrongfully spent in prison. He painted watercolors in his cell: warm landscapes, portraits of famous people like Mother Teresa, vases of flowers, a bassist playing jazz. "I didn't actually think I'd ever be free again. This art is what I did to stay sane," the 73-year-old said.

As soon as there is a threat of bad weather, we all run to the grocery store to pick up the essentials...

Rochester's location makes it one of the snowiest cities in the United States. Here are 10 of the biggest storms.

If you are affected by the government shutdown, Jewish Family Service is providing supplemental groceries at the Brighton Food Cupboard including non perishables and produce during special food assistance hours every Tuesday from 1 pm - 3 pm until the shutdown ends. Please bring identification in the form of Federal ID. By offering food, we hope to ease the burden of other living expenses on affected individuals and families. As long as the shutdown continues, we will be here to help! We can…

The photographer Nan Goldin led activists in a protest at the museum’s Sackler Wing, named after a family that owned Purdue Pharma.

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There really isn’t a “best”. It comes down to personal preference and the type of sculpture being made. The most common balloon size for making animals is the 260. That’s approximately 2 inches in diameter and 60 inches long when fully inflated. The actual size varies a little bit by manufacturer, and how you inflate it can also affect the final size. For example, stretching it while inflating it can make…

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What are balloons made of
Several materials are used in the production of modern balloons. Natural latex rubber and metalized nylon (sometimes mistakenly called “Mylar”) are the most common materials. Latex is a natural product derived from trees and is bio/photo-degradable. The production of latex is a natural process of many plants, and tapping…