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An 80-year-old Potomac woman reported to police that after a wanted man forced his way into her home last week and kidnapped her at knifepoint, she drove him to a restaurant and later paid for him to stay at a hotel for three days. When the woman answered a knock at her door on Sunday, October 14, a man said he was there to inspect her roof. She questioned why he would be there on a Sunday. He then shoved her back into…

A large crowd gathered in Adams Morgan Monday evening to try to save a beloved supermarket that may be forced to close. Rally organizers put out boards to display some of the 1,400 signatures they say they’ve gotten from people who want to save the Metro K Supermarket. Owner Ho Sang Cho says the supermarket, which is at the corner of Columbia Road, NW, and Belmont Road, has been in his family around 45 years. He took over as owner in 2002.

Thousands of Central American migrants resumed an arduous trek toward the U. S. border Monday, with members bristling at suggestions there could be terrorists among them and saying the caravan is being used for political ends by U. S. President Donald Trump. The caravan’s numbers have continued to grow, and the United Nations estimated that it currently comprises some 7,200 people, “many of whom intend to continue the march north. ”

The floor of a clubhouse near Clemson University where a large party was taking place collapsed early Sunday.

It's the one month of the year where we all seem to be unnaturally obsessed with things that go bump in the night, and actively seek ways to scare the bejezus out of ourselves! FrightFind researched and compiled guides to the top haunted houses in every state (D. C. was not included) that will chill you to your bones. We checked out the local VA and MD contenders to see just how far we'd have to travel to find these spooktacular spots.

The Rochester Broadway Theatre League will get its new theater. But it won't be on Parcel 5. It'll be by the river, part of a large, $250 million multi-use complex on the site of the former Radisson Riverside Hotel on East Main Street, across the street from the Riverside Convention Center.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman on the Supreme Court, has stepped back from public life. For more than a decade after leaving the court in 2006, O'Connor kept up an active schedule: serving as a visiting federal appeals court judge, speaking on issues she cared about and founding her own education organization. But the 88-year-old, for more than two decades often the deciding vote in important cases, is now fully retired.

Is there anything in this universe more contentious than college rankings? Have you ever tried to tell a Yalie that Harvard (or god forbid, Princeton) is a better school than their beloved alma mater? Spoiler alert: It won't go well! Nevertheless, countless websites and books brave the critics and annually publish their end-all, be-all list of the best colleges to help high school seniors make informed school choices.

The search continued Monday night as deputies looked for the man responsible for a double fatal shooting in Sodus.

When you've been injured, the costs can add-up quickly. Filing a personal injury claim may be the only way you can get compensation for your injuries. A slip-and-fall attorney in the Bronx can help you get the best result possible. Call us for a free case evaluation.

There is another plea deal for a man who has a history of pleas and a history of getting in trouble...

News 8 is putting veterans first... and helping them get connected with resources in the community.

St. Ann’s Community at Chapel Oaks will host a variety of events that will be open to the public throughout the months of September and October.

Stream the Radio 95.1 Clips episode, Gubernatorial Candidate Larry Sharpe, free & on demand on iHeartRadio.

A Canandaigua man has been arrested after a break-in at a brewery in East Bloomfield where deputies say he stole a safe.

Take a tour of an Amazon fulfillment center and see how our Associates receive your inventory from your inbound shipments. You will also learn what happens w...

When Thomas Stander and his wife Sally bought their house in Fairport, Elton John’s version of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” had just topped the Billboard charts, the Vietnam War was drawing to a…

SALEM, Ore. — With the sun bearing down, Norm and Kathy Daviess stood in the shade of a prison wall topped with coiled razor wire, waiting for three immigrants to come out. It’s become an odd…

The lovably strange Russian motorcycle company crams some 21st-century technology into the nose of its sidecar.

Ranked: all the supercar and hypercar lap records set by our road test team during their rigorous testing

Are you smiling in your passport photo? Or did forego the smile, worrying that it wouldn't look appropriate? Well, a smile in your passport photo may actually make the document safer. A recent study showed people are easier to identify with a smile, making identity fraud more difficult with a smiling passport photo.

The new crosstown bike lane on 12th St. jogs in at certain points, following the narrowing width of the street. The bike lane still needs to be painted green, and plastic bollards still need to be added to separate the bike lane from the buffer area to the right of it. Photos by Lincoln Anderson
BY LINCOLN ANDERSON | Just call them the “fast lanes.”
The Department of Transportation has started installing new bike lanes across 12th and 13th Sts. — nearly half…

The legendary motorsports and engineering firm is selling off lots of things, including an entire car, to make room at their headquarters in England.

Greg Pollock says his position is just one example of the organization’s ongoing commitment to accessibility and disability inclusion.