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This weekend's Drake concerts at the American Airlines Arena in Miami are being postponed due to what reports are calling "technical issues."

It was a fruitful morning for a pair of prison guards who uncovered some monkey business when they spotted $17.8 million of cocaine hidden inside a shipment of bananas.

An arrest has been made in connection with the murder of a pregnant woman in St. Lucie County.

Help your partner get back to work without taking over The job search can be incredibly difficult. That’s why people give up; they’re tired of getting their hopes up only to ultimately be rejected.…

The National Weather Service has received multiple reports of a waterspout seen off Palm Beach today around 2:30 p.m
The waters surrounding Florida provide warmth and moisture for growing clouds that can spawn waterspouts. Often, the clouds that form them are not thunderstorms.
In fact, it doesn’t have to be raining for a waterspout to develop, and they can occur…

Adopting a healthy lifestyle, in terms of diet and exercise, is especially important for cancer patients in reducing stress, minimizing side effects, and boosting energy levels to power through treatment and recovery.

Items like car seats, cribs, backpacks, pet products and bicycles could be more expensive at the retail giant soon.