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The California Supreme Court decided who may administer insulin to diabetic students, in light of “a longstanding shortage of school nurses.” In 2007, California’s Department of Education stated that “trained school personnel who are not licensed health care providers may, when no nurse is available, administer insulin pursuant to medical orders of students’ treating physicians.”

IRS proposed ruling means wealthy can pass on considerable wealth tax free to next generations. The IRS has issued a proposal on the new tax laws that clears up any concern of a retroactive tax on lifetime gifts that can include millions of dollars, according to Forbes’ in “IRS Hands...

The construction company filed a petition for writ of administrative mandate asking the trial court to set aside the one-year disbarment period.

AB 1289 has made several changes to real estate disclosure requirements, effective January 1, 2019.

End of the year is the busiest time for charities. As the holidays near and the New Year approaches, people often think of charitable giving. There are ways to have your donations get the best results, according to the Lebanon Democrat in “A few thoughts on charitable giving, taxes.” Here...

Civ.Proc. §1291 states: “A statement of decision shall be made by the court, if requested pursuant to Section 632, whenever an order or judgment, except

Your digital assets should be gathered, as well as tangible assets. There are many digital assets that frequently make the news, such as Bitcoin, but what about the less complicated digital assets, such as family photos? Those should also be considered when creating your estate plan, according to The Eagle...

Interest rate movement going into 2019: a real-life example for California's housing market

This act allows property owners in very high fire hazard severity zones to access financing to make fire safety improvements.

The timeline for HOAs to provide notices is reduced to 28 days and email delivery is added to acceptable delivery methods.

A will is a good place to start. However, there are other things to take into consideration. People often think of creating a will, when they hear the words estate plan. However, a will is by no means the only document needed to distribute assets and prepare for both incapacity...

The Baltimore Raven's head coach, John Harbaugh, took the time to share his perspective on what it takes to be a servant leader.