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Caregivers aren’t getting enough help from employers, who generally don’t see the problem, according to new Harvard research.

The pieces of USA's previously announced Suits spinoff are falling into place as the show lands on its official title this week!

Calif. Government Code §§12950, 12950.1 Amended by S.B. 1343 Effective date: January 1, 2019 By January 1, 2020, employers with 5 or more employees need to provide at least 2 hours of sexual harassment prevention training to all supervisory employees and at least 1 hour of training to all nonsuper...

The City of Riverside is seeking the input of our local business community for the development of a new Citywide Economic Development Action Plan. This new plan will be a roadmap for implementing and measuring the success of economic development programs designed to support business growth and benefit our local economy. Please take a few minutes to contribute your thoughts and help ensure that the City…

Make sure when cutting locks that you always use safety goggles or a protective face shield. The grinding disc can sometimes explode and come apart and fly hundreds of feet. Always use a pair of vise grips to secure the lock while grinding the lock off
We find it a good practice to inventory from the door, record the entire process with tripod and video we prefer to have two people present at time of inventory and then use a unique one-of-a-kind seal…

This video reviews the provisions of the Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act and its associated regulation, the Telemarketing Sales Rule.

Using advanced plumbing technology can save the average family of four more than 30,000 gallons of water annually.

In Storage Wars, folks gamble on whether the clutter in abandoned storage units is trash or treasure. Star Dan Dotson is sharing his best bidding tips.

The number of homes for sale in California has increased significantly over the past year.

Review key 2018 events that will impact California's housing market in 2019, including new laws and market trends.

We have, on Thursday, a story that perhaps serves as the best encapsulation to date of how the early days of Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency worked, a summary that, itself, seems to expl…

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Judge Frederick Shaller issued a ruling on Wednesday, eight months after a jury found that the NCAA did not defame McNair when it had penalized him for his role in the extra benefits scandal involv…

Obtaining an estimate and solar savings analysis for the
installation of a solar energy system for your business should be fairly

Assignor Estoppel Does Not Apply in the IPR Context - In Arista Networks, Inc. v. Cisco Systems, Inc., Appeal Nos. 2017-1525,...

This 360 video footage from a Blue Angels cockpit shows F/A-18 Hornets flying inches from each other — even as they do advanced aerial acrobatics.

A novel housing program in California links people who have served long-term prison sentences with those willing to rent space in their homes.

Pastor Kelly takes us through Part 1 in the series when it comes to realizing your potential.

Federal Circuit Summary - Before Dyk, Wallach, and Hughes. On remand from the Supreme Court. Summary: Even though the... is operated by United Ways of California, on behalf of and in partnership with our local United Way members. United Ways of California, the state network of California’s United Ways, improves the health, education and financial results for low-income children and families by enhancing and coordinating the advocacy and community impact work of California’s United Ways.

A transgender inmate is suing California's prison system, alleging she was abused and demeaned by guards and spent nine months in solitary after reporting a cellmate had raped her.

Are you an international medical graduate (IMG) looking to boost your odds of succeeding in the Match
If so, there are some steps you can take to educate and position yourself to have a better chance of matching within your preferred specialty. One of the best opportunities is an IMG observership program. Find out how an observership program can help you boost your resume and find a great IMG observership program list from the AMA.
In 2018, 51.2 percent of U.S. IMGs and…

Join us on January 21st as we pay tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.! This year our theme is ‘Walking for Peace and Justice’. The 5K walk will start at St...