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Winter solstice is here! During this season, most homes experience increased energy bill costs due to keeping it warm. Check out 6 ways to head into the New Year with a new peace of mind and better understanding of how to save energy in your home.

Rogelio Gutierrez, Una Noche Chicana: Novelas, Películas, Chocolate, y Avena | Uncovering Ancient Mexico: The Mystery of Tlatilco | Jaime Guerrero, Contemporary Relics: A Tribute to the Makers | Wendy Maruyama: E. O. 9066 | The 52/52+ Project Exhibitions | Spotlight: RUSD Faculty and Staff Showcase | The 56th Annual Press-Enterprise Riverside County High School Art Show | 7th Annual RUSD Middle School Art Contest

The Judicial Council asked the appellate court to mandate the trial court to grant its summary judgment motion because plaintiff, who alleges she was severely injured while on an elevator at a Los Angeles courthouse, failed to present a government claim to the Secretariat of the Judicial Council. Plaintiff contends she complied with the government claims requirement set forth in Government Code section 915 by mailing her claim to defendant at the Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board.

There’s a lot of airport travel coming up. It is best to stay cool, calm, and collected . Unfortunately, something else that is cool, and calm, is the entry level market for homes. Thousands of housing stats are spit out every year, and here's another...

Ford hit Michigan and its auto workers with some crappy holiday news. Instead of building a $700 million electric vehicle factory in Michigan as promised...

How will home prices change over the next 20 years? The answer is in the Buyer Purchasing Power Index, which demonstrates how interest rate changes affect buyer funds, and in turn home pricing.

We want to give everyone a heads up about the Riverside King Band Review that will be parading through the streets of Riverside to honor our nation’s Veteran’s this Saturday. High School bands from...

DEADLINE: Submit nomination entries by Friday, November 17, 2017.
EVENT: Beautification Awards will be presented at the Mayor's State of the City Address on Thursday, January 25, 2018 .
CATEGORIES: Awards will be presented in the following categories...
New Construction with Landscaping
Historic and Cultural Preservation
Non-residential building
Nominations are limited to five (5) per person
Judging will take place 1st week of December, 2017

Age and education data complete a portrait of California’s largest and most dynamic counties.

BAIA Talks: Dr. Halima Taha on the African American Art Market since the 80’s and the impact of the best selling book Collecting African American Art: works on paper and canvas. Interviewed b…

Use these guidelines to determine if a prospective tenant is the right fit for your property.

Bail Hotline is a family owned bail bonds company that has helped thousands of defendants, throughout California, with the bail bond process.

It’s called intentional interference with expected inheritance . Two adult males were in a long-term committed relationship when one was hospitalized and

Shop top bike rack brands at low prices. We carry racks from Thule, Yakima, Saris and more guaranteed to fit your car.

Tuesday marks the 40th anniversary of Black Monday, the infamous day in 1977 when Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. abruptly shut its doors. Thousands of steelworkers were suddenly without a job. That terrible day marked...

Nashville, Tennessee (TN), United States 37203-0007
The Associate General Secretary-DHE oversees all functions of the Division of Higher Education and serves as the chief executive and operating officer for the Division; responsible for the vision and work of the Division
Essential Job Functions
1. Administers and oversees the higher education mission and programs mandated by the Book of Discipline including annual operating budget and the three…

The apostle Paul is not generally viewed as a pastor. Teaching, fearless advocate for the faith, traveller, apologist, pioneering church planter, yes—but pastor? As we read Paul's letters, in some part because of our cultural distance, it is easy not to sense that we are encountering Paul the pastor

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Hub International Limited, a leading global insurance brokerage, announced today that it has acquired the assets of Benefit Advisory Group, LLC.

Being up-front with your boss about your career plans can pay dividends. Unless your plan involves moving on to another employer in the near future, it’s worth letting your manager know your goals.…

Wellness program and health plan rules are subtle and complex, so tread carefully and make sure you follow them. Read more about benefits compliance.

Businesses along the Gulf Coast are still in the midst of recovery efforts after Harvey. But ano...