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NFL star turned TV host Michael Strahan is hoping to leave his Beverly Hills contempo-condo in the rearview real soon; he’s listed the pad for $4.4 million, a not-bad price for an upscale upper-floor 90210 residence
Spanning 2,670 square feet, the three-bedroom unit is centrally located in Beverly Hills, and just down the street from Rodeo Drive. The beautifully styled unit comes…

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American Luxury Staff
Reality TV star/expert real estate agent Tracy Tutor has listed her own Los Angeles-area residence for $23.9 million
The “Millon Dollar Listing” star’s Traditional-style in Brentwood features a pleasing prologue: a pristine lawn accented with trimmed hedges and rose bushes. Step inside, and the 10,877 square-footer reveals a double-height foyer with a large skylight.
The seven-bedroom residence’s shared living spaces boast invitational…

American Luxury Staff
A cool $1.5 million monthly is the new record-high rent for Los Angeles; that’ll get you 30 days in tuck-n-tighten doc Raj Kanodia’s trophy contemporary in Bel Air. One question: does the rent price indicate first, last and security? $4.5 million for key money is a trifle steep
Well, if your financials are resilient enough to cavalierly endure that kind of monthly…

For some people with complicated personal and financial lives, today’s complexities may not be fully addressed with a do-it-yourself service for wills and trusts.

My mom wants to leave her house to me, since I'm the only girl. My brothers may try and contest this in probate court. What can my mom do to be sure I receive ownership of the house upon her death?

The nation's health expenditure growth is anticipated to average 5.5 percent annually from 2017 through 2026, compared with 4.6 percent through 2028 for Medicare's per-capita spending.

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Q: What was the outcome of the negligent rehab facility verdict you received and what type of case was it (wrongful death?)
A: This was an $11M jury verdict against two drug rehabilitation centers for negligence resulting in the death of a 58-year-old male who committed suicide while in their care. The defense team offered as little…

A 58-year-old man committed suicide while seeking treatment for a prescription drug addiction. His family says that two rehab centers should have been able t...

Let’s take one couple, Tom and Louise, who have been married to each other for over 50 years and live in the same home they bought when they first got married.

As it turns out, though, living wills and durable power of attorney for healthcare are two things that single people might especially want to give some thought to.