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It was early last summer that Eva Longoria relisted her Hollywood Hills West compound with an asking price of $11 million, just under the $11.4 million she handed Tom Cruise for the deed to the property. But the estate is suffering a bad case of market languish, and Ms. Longoria has had to become a bit more hard-hearted; this month she reduced the ask to $9 million.
The cut is yet another whopper, and represents a more than 33%…

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Interest rate movement going into 2019: a real-life example for California's housing market

The 'Fortnite' craze has reached fever pitch and parents are turning to counsellors for help weaning their children off the addictive game.

This act allows property owners in very high fire hazard severity zones to access financing to make fire safety improvements. Beware of any Kind of Alcoholic Beverage!: Size: Pre-war 1 Sheet (cca. 63 x 95 cm). The anti alcohol division of the General Well being Association gave commission to design the 39 Beware of any Kind of Alcoholic Beverage they are all perilous 39 poster Ervin Voit was a painter and graphic artist who won a tender for this anti alcohol campaign in 1912 hence the poster was created In the 1910s there were numerous anti alcohol campaigns in Hungary Alcoholism was…

The timeline for HOAs to provide notices is reduced to 28 days and email delivery is added to acceptable delivery methods.

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, but between festive gatherings, last minute shopping, and family visits - it can be the busiest time of year as well. To ensure you have the happiest season of all, it's important not to underestimate the importance of sleep.

A 40-year saving plan can go a long way toward a healthy financial retirement. A key to financial security in retirement is to begin saving early. An example of success is Orville Rogers, who was flying around the country to attend master’s level track meets during his retirement, according to...

Client hired lawyer to represent him in a probate matter but disputed the fees charged by his lawyer, and demanded a mandatory fee arbitration. So the

Drug and Alcohol Information and Support for Teenagers, Parents and Carers. Free, Confidential Live Chat. Advice and Support from

California has reenacted various provisions of the Homeowner Bill of Rights which expired on January 1, 2018.

A Cumberland County corrections officer who was arrested in October on drug trafficking charges had disclosed extensive prior drug use when he sought the job and told the county he was in recovery from drug abuse, according to portions of his job application. Davis Glazener, 23, faces one count of drug trafficking and is on unpaid leave …

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Back in the 60’s people thought the future would be full of flying cars and people living in houses in the sky with robot maids. Well we don’t quite have the kind of flying cars that the Jetson’s had although some people do have robot maids. But even though we don’t quite have those flying…

A solid estate plan can help avoid many of the challenges presented in the news lately. There have been a number of celebrities such as Stan Lee, Aretha Franklin and Prince in the news in recent years, who have passed away with controversies surrounding either estate plans or lack of...

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Actor Stephen Dorff recently relisted his beachfront Malibu home for $7.98 million
Dorff first listed his Los Angeles-area home for $8.45 million last year, but the beautiful La Costa Beach residence didn’t find the right buyer. Now, the Midcentury Modern beach house is available once again at a reduced price.
The impressive post-and-beam style home was designed by Buff & Hensman in the 1960s and…

Detectives have charged a man associated with a drug rehab program as part of an investigation into the sale and supply of illicit drugs in the Albany area.

Dennis Quaid hopes that by sharing his own past struggles with drug addiction and the steps he took to get healthy in his later years, it’ll ultimately help others who are in similar situations.

Every holiday season, Americans rush from shop to shop, purchasing presents for loved ones. In recent years, the gift-giving trend has shifted from material goods to practical or experiential gifts. S...

An estate planning attorney in your new state of residence should go over your estate plan. Many people choose to relocate for retirement and often relocate to a warm, sunny state. If you decide to relocate, it would be a good idea to have an estate planning attorney review your...

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Destination: Tour de Palm Springs Century February 9, 2019
Redlands Water Bottle Transit Company is conducting its 9th season of century training; taking ordinary athletes to extraordinary levels. If you can ride your bike 30 miles at 12-15 MPH, we can help you train for 100 miles
Rides: Saturday morning at 8 am from Stell Coffee & Tea Co. in Redlands
Redlands (909) 792-2444 | Riverside…

2018 has been a good year for Taraji. P Henson. The Emmy-winning actress featured in some of great films in the past twelve months, including PROUD MARY and ACRIMONY, while simultaneously appearing...