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A 15-year-old is a habitual truant; he missed 255 school periods without a valid reason. He was declared a ward of the juvenile court. The court directed him to reside in the home of his parents, attend school daily, comply with a 6:00 p.m. curfew and not stay away from home overnight without permission of probation officer.

You can get the money early. However, it can also be painful if you make errors. You can take money out of your retirement savings early. However, you should be careful because it can be costly, according to CNBC in “How to tap your retirement savings without getting hit with...

Decedent brought an action against a cigarette manufacturer seeking damages for lung cancer, but died while the verdict was on appeal. In the present case, decedent’s son brought a wrongful death action against the tobacco company for his father’s death and received $12.8 million for loss of consortium.

Military and Veterans Code §394 says “no person shall discriminate against” any member of the military. Lt. Mario Pantuso was called to active duty in

Online registration for 2018 - Coastal NC FCA - Game Changers Banquet on October 22nd 2018. Online registration ends October 19th 2018.

With cold and flu season just around the corner you might think there isn't much you can do to prepare for the inevitable aches and achoos. A few small changes in your routine and at home can go a long way toward keeping you and your family healthy all season long.
Tidy toilet bowls
The toilet

It is wise to work toward not HAVING to go back to work. Looking ahead to retirement isn’t just about putting the money away for retirement funds. You also have to recognize that you are entering a new phase of life and not only have to prepare for it but...

Josh Varner O-Line Coach/Run Game Coordinator Helias High School, Mo. Drills, Technique and Blocking Assignments for Run and Pass Coach

A medical emergency or unexpected death arises and are the proper documents prepared? When an emergency or sudden death arises, you can suddenly find yourself in a position of having to make difficult decisions to handle the situation, as well as consider estate planning options, according to The Union in...

Announcing the launch of Cinefex 161, our brand new fall issue, with comprehensive coverage of "First Man," "Venom," "The Meg," "Alpha" and "A.X.L." ...

Makeup department head Donald Mowat discusses the creations of character makeups for Universal Pictures moonshot drama, 'First Man.'

We shine the Cinefex spotlight on Armen Kevorkian, visual effects supervisor and executive creative director at Encore VFX ...

Pennywise Watch - It - Officially licensed Quartz movement Strap length: 9.25" Material: Metal alloy

Riverside, CA Vehicles, Riverside Hyundai sells and services Hyundai vehicles in the greater Riverside area

Is this age group exacerbating the low inventory situation by staying put well into their golden years?

Want a nest egg when you retire? Start early and save often. By now, we are all pretty much aware that an IRA is a good way to support your retirement efforts. However, it is also important to avoid mistakes along the way, according to Born2Invest in “Retirement planning: 8...

Our readers agree that sellers control the price in negotiations on the sale of a home.

All of the frights of the fall — like the terrifying calorie count of the handfuls of treats you’re scarfing down at the office and …