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Drs. Peter and Victoria Gonzalez have started their new chiropractic practice with a very profitable first year. As 100 Year Lifestyle Affiliate Chiropractor...

Tines up or down? Rinse your dishes or not? Consumer Reports shows you how to load a dishwasher so your dishes come out clean

Before you decide your age is to blame consider the following: Feeling out of breathe is not because of old age. Struggling to find clothes in your closet that fit is not because of old age...

Exercise keeps our minds and bodies healthy. Take it to the next level- Get Your ESS in Shape: Endurance, Strength, Structure.

Meet Comfort Keepers client and Navy Veteran, Jesus Calzada. Jesus helps care for his 4-year-old granddaughter. He drives her to school every day, but his mo...

When you hear the words “Personal Empowerment,” what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? What images does it conjure up? What words and emotions

You might want to read this before you decide to start living off of butter, bacon, and bourbon.

After spending too much time on pinterest, I've combined the two things it's full of, dogs and weddings, and compiled a masterpost of dogs getting married. Til' death do us bark.

Rushing water fills the South Chickamauga Creek, flooding over walkways and into parking areas.

Calling these masterpieces "salads" wouldn't have done them justice. Check out our fresh and delicious House, Caesar, Blue and Cobb Zalads.