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Choice of
One Synthetic Blend Oil Change, with Inspection and Tire Rotation
One Full Synthetic Oil Change, with Inspection and Tire Rotation
Synthetic Oil: Sending Petroleum the Way of the Dinosaurs
Before the invention of synthetic motor oil in the 1930s, machinery was protected with not only petroleum, but also rendered fat, vegetable oil, and even whale oil. Read on to learn how synthetic oil got…

The Deal
$22 for one Signature Service oil change using conventional motor oil ($43.98 value)
$39 for one high-mileage package or synthetic blend Signature Service oil change (designed for engines over 75,000 miles) ( ($64.98 value)
$59 for one full synthetic Signature Service oil change ($84.98 value)
The Signature Service Oil Change
In approximately 20 minutes, Jiffy Lube’s ASE-accredited technicians perform the following
Oil Change