Business in Southwest - Reno, NV

Adam Savage discusses his favorite costume build that took him over a decade to create and premiere at San Diego's Comic-Con.

CNBC combed through Wall Street research to see which stocks analysts like into earnings season.

A working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research released this month finds that even a simple nudge like opening an email can have a positive influence on financial behavior.

The goddess of diss takes on trolls who attack her on breastfeeding, IVF, her children, her body and her hair. Enjoy!

Many factors determine what makes a city a good place to live. But the number of jobs and cost of living are likely among the top, according to new research from real estate website Clever.

Smartphone batteries can last through the evening if managed correctly. Close apps, adjust brightness and if all else fails, but an external battery.

Say I apply sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 50 to my face, then add makeup with an SPF of 20. What is my overall protection? Is it SPF 50? Or SPF 70?—Teresa Weydert, Tacoma, WashingtonIt depends on how much you apply. If you apply half the recommended amount of SPF 50 and [...]

Before Janelle Monáe was a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, she lived with six other girls in a boarding house and sometimes spent her gas money at the thrift store. Today, she's a style icon.

What exactly can prepare a neophyte for her first encounter with 10,000 stinging insects? She was about to find out.

What a difference a year makes - what was chaos in 2018 has turned orderly, as scooters now get parked in the "furniture zones," of sidewalks.

Rivera, whose 652 career saves are the most of all time, was the first player to ever receive 100 percent of the Hall of Fame vote.

Keith Thurman picked up his first career loss as Manny Pacquiao took a split decision in their WBA welterweight title fight in Las Vegas.

Chester Hollman III, 48, was freed Monday from a state prison in Pennsylvania and a formal dismissal of the charges is expected later this month.

After a blistering third round and a 54-hole record, the Irishman holds a four-stroke lead headed into Sunday's final round.

Five people have been killed and seven have been hospitalized after a three-vehicle crash in South Texas.