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Call us Toll Free (877) 876-4800 Attorney David Allen discusses the current stagnation impacting S...

A woman in Russia has gone on trial for “insulting” religious believers by posting memes on social media. Maria Motuznaya, 23, was charged with offending the...

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The Washoe County Sheriff's Hasty Team, along with the Specialized Vehicles Unit, and Washoe County Search and Rescue are currently searching for a lost mountain biker in the Tunnel Creek Area.

The following content is for readers 21+ Tacos and wine are two of my favorite things, but have you ever thought about how to PAIR tacos and wine? Problem solved! Here is your guide on what wine to drink with what tacos. Fish Tacos– Fish pairs best with white wine. For fish tacos try pairing [...]

Artists are often early adopters of new technologies and new solutions and methods that bring art to a new
level. For fine arts artist, light and their material are the two major elements to play with. It’s no wonder that
LED lighting has become an important element for them. The artist, Clint Eccher, and Arno Grabher-Meyer
from LED professional show how LED lighting is used to transform static paintings into some of the most
advanced paintings in the world, in dynamic, “living” pieces…

The evolution of Multi-Pixel LED technology has initiated a giant leap in the development of intelligent
lighting systems which are most visible in the automotive industry. Now the first hybrid LED provides
smart headlights with more than 1000 individually controllable pixels. Ralph Bertram, who is working on
advanced LED device concepts, and Norbert Harendt, who is developing optics solutions for general
lighting at Osram Opto Semiconductors…

It’s a horror scenario for every driver: Suddenly, a previously invisible pedestrian comes out of the dark between two street lights or the shade of two parked cars.

The staff at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital would like to educate you about the benefits of spaying and neutering our beloved pets, preferably at a young age! Spaying and neutering is a preventative care decision that will have lifelong benefits to the health and happiness of your pet.

Want to get outside and connect with nature, but don’t know where to start? Looking for something new close to home? Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, our blogger has you covered.