Business in Old Northwest-West University - Reno, NV

GROUP CLASS WORKOUT Warm Up: Coaches Choice MetCon: For Time: 4 Rounds 20 wall balls 30/25 calorie machine (rotate) 20 burpees THEN: 4 Rounds 30 AbMat sit ups 30 walking lunges 40/35 calorie machin…

Professor Deborah Boehm explains the process of deportation including the different forms it can take in the United States.

SHOFCO builds urban promise from urban poverty in six settlements throughout Kenya by providing community-led services to over 220,000 people.

Kansas and Kentucky are loaded. No surprise there. Duke and UNC are in the mix - as usual. But a couple of other contenders just might surprise you.

Eric Robi & Michael Perklin August 1st--4th, 2013 Rio Hotel & Casino • Las Vegas, Nevada

Medea Benjamin of Code Pink hijacks the Hudson Institute's Pro Iran War presentation and spits an amazing amount of truth out while being manhandled. Here's ...

In this modern digital age of technically competent adversaries we forget that there may still be a need to conduct old school physical surveillance against ...

GROUP CLASS WORKOUT Warm Up: Coaches Choice Skill Work: 2 Rounds (2 minutes at each station) HS Walk (Choose a set distance) 30 second rest Ring Muscle Ups (Choose set number of reps) 30 second res…

Associate professor’s research in new book gives voice to sex workers, suggests brothels in need of reform

Failed back surgery syndrome in a 69-year-old male celebrity, who had multilevel lumbar laminectomies in 2015 by a surgeon other than the case author.

By: Leo Fontana Life can change constantly, from being a crazy teenager to growing old with a family, it always throws you a curveball that you need to learn how to adapt from and get the best out …

Most of the science shows, and most experts believe, the gastric sleeve (and the gastric bypass and duodenal switch) works by a hormonal mechanism that helps decrease hunger, increase satiety, and change food preferences. Feeling “restriction” is super variable, and some people feel a lot of it and some people none, based on a bunch of factors like their gastric Continue Reading

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The Springs Preserve is recognizing the Dia de Muertos, or Day of the Dead, with a traditional celebration the first week of November.

University of Nevada, Reno’s seismological lab uses drill to help Nevadans learn, prepare for earthquakes

A sustainable future based on realistic changes in how we use energy, land and water is achievable. But it relies on fast action.