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Insurance is something you buy but hope you never need. In the event of an incident, you want to have a smooth process in place so that you can get back up and running as quickly as possible. So, alongside your compliance procedures, it’s also important to put a process in place for any potential …

TLS is the successor to the better-known SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption protocol; both are used to secure data communications between browsers and the destination server.

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Dealing with the pain scale and expressing your pain levels when you live with chronic pain can be problematic. There are better ways than the standard pain scale.

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Secure your entire global infrastructure, including on-premises, cloud, and endpoint assets.

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The consensus security vulnerability alert
Vol. 18, Num. 41
This is a weekly newsletter that provides in-depth analysis of the latest vulnerabilities with straightforward remediation advice. Qualys supplies a large part of the newly-discovered vulnerability content used in this newsletter
October 11, 2018 - Vol. 18, Num. 41
Providing a reliable, weekly summary of newly discovered attack vectors, vulnerabilities with active exploits, and explanations of how…

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“Practice self-care.” We hear this constantly, but what we’re sold as self-care—spa treatments, vacations, long, luxurious baths—aren’t exactly things we

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Crossmatch configurable and flexible front-line mobile biometric identification capabilities for law enforcement agencies.

An article giving owners/managers of new companies tips on things to include on their brand-new marketing teams' 'To-Do' checklist.

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The consensus security vulnerability alert
Vol. 18, Num. 40
This is a weekly newsletter that provides in-depth analysis of the latest vulnerabilities with straightforward remediation advice. Qualys supplies a large part of the newly-discovered vulnerability content used in this newsletter
MOST PREVALENT MALWARE FILES September 27 - October 4, 2018
TOP VULNERABILITY THIS WEEK: Adobe patches dozens of vulnerabilities in…

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This release of the Qualys Cloud Platform version 2.34.1 includes updates and new features for Cloud Agent & AWS EC2 Connector, AssetView, CloudView, and Security Assessment Questionnaire…

Google Cloud offers innovation and infinite scalability but integrating it with your existing cloud and on-premises applications and databases can be challenging. To maximize the value of BigQuery, Apigee and other Google Cloud services, you need comprehe...

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Individually connecting multiple clouds over traditional wide area networking (WAN) infrastructures is operationally complex and costly, resulting in unreliable cross-cloud application interaction and performance, as well as poor scalability, visibility and control. Also, managing increasing data volumes from the cloud can’t be solved by public internet offloading, since doing so increases latency and risk.

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Informatica automatically cleanses, consolidates, and manages your Salesforce data with Cloud Customer 360 master data management for Salesforce.