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From Google’s scary Duplex AI to Fortnite mania, this year showed the good, bad and uncomfortable ways that tech is changing our lives.

It's Burn Season! We're looking for opportunities to bring fire back to our fire-adapted ecosystem each day. Please check back for daily updates
Update on Siskiyou Mountain Park Burn - 5/9/2017
The City of Ashland Oregon, Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission and Grayback Forestry Inc. are finishing the Siskiyou Mountain Park burn. Trails will remain closed through Wednesday, May 10th for public safety. Other trails to…

Pay premiums for these non-certified skills are well above average and are still growing in cash market value.

Fine European Lingerie and Award Winning Bra Fitting Boutique. Rated Best Lingerie Shop in Washington DC. Stylish everyday and flirty fashion bras, panties, sleepwear, and gifts.

Hanky Panky is proud to partner with Pearl River Mart, an eclectic emporium where you can find one-of-a-kind Asian-inspired fashion and home furnishings.

The comedy brings Dolly Parton home for the holidays (sequins included).

“Revolutionizing Dementia Care” reveals how people living with dementia can still live a full and meaningful life based on their abilities, not their disabil...

SUBJECT: Officer Involved Shooting
LOCATION: 450 Lincoln Avenue, Redwood City, CA
DATE/TIME: December 10, 2018 / 8:47 AM
INVOLVED PARTY: Adult male 33-years old, Redwood City Resident

These TV shows were this year's best of the best.

Remember that tolerance is a virtue, no matter who or what you worship, if you worship at all. Dream a little sexier with these holiday gifts.

Lawyers are an integral part of modern life. They draw up wills, handle incorporation proceedings, defend clients in courts of law — both civil and criminal — mediate divorce settlements, and perform a host of...read more

There’s a tradition at Cleveland’s Great Lakes Brewing Company. Each day around 4 o’clock, employees gather in the brewpub for a complimentary “shift beer.

For decades, from hardware to electronics, textiles, food, household goods, and general merchandise; retailers have been offering lower prices on goods sourced overseas. Though there has been some change in recent years, most imported goods to the United States originate in China. China’s cost base, infrastructure and manufacturing expertise provides a wealth of opportunities to improve profit margins for US companies
But 2018 ushered in a…

Redwood City Police Deparment advises you to AVOID El Camino Real south of Woodside due to a structure fire. Please use alternate routes until further notice.

On Memorial Day weekend in 2016, I went out on a beautiful day, bought a shiny new bicycle, and went for a ride to a friend’s house. I lost control as I

You'll love our great selection of Christmas and Holiday Decor from around the world. Plus, FREE Shipping available at World Market. Shop Online or at 270+ Stores.

For many parts of the country, the winter can be harsh and unforgiving. Owning a home adds another level of worry when the temperature plummets. Winter’s harsh weather can wreak havoc on your home (and your wallet) if you aren’t prepared. It’s always best to be proactive against winter rather than reactive. 1. Frost … Continue reading "5 Winter Home Disasters and How to Avoid Them"

How can a workout possibly work for everybody, every time? Franchise Master Trainer Sara Catherine Wheatley explains. Have you ever had that moment when

Travelers claim data shows that 44 percent of identity fraud happens after losing a wallet or purse, but you can help prevent ID theft. Learn how from Travelers.

★★★★★ Excellentd friendly customer service representative. Very pleased with the service I have recieved. Thank you

Understanding your options when you inherit an IRA can help you to secure the opportunity to continue growing the IRA either tax-deferred or tax-free while avoiding unnecessary income taxes and early withdrawal penalties.

When you take a barre3 class, you know you’re creating better balance in the body and empowerment from within. But did you know that barre3 works magic

www.smashbros.com/ ESRB EVERYONE 10+ PEGI 12 This game is classified : PG – Mild themes and violence, Online interactivity

Mike talks to the actor and director of "The Santaland Diaries" now playing in Los Altos Hills.

The beginning of the year is the time many people reassess their financial goals. To achieve any of these goals, it’s important to prioritize your needs, assess where you are and devise a series of action steps.