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The consensus security vulnerability alert
Vol. 18, Num. 42
This is a weekly newsletter that provides in-depth analysis of the latest vulnerabilities with straightforward remediation advice. Qualys supplies a large part of the newly-discovered vulnerability content used in this newsletter
TOP VULNERABILITY THIS WEEK: Multiple vulnerabilities in Adobe products

Evangelism isn't something to be decided on down the road; it should actually be in the DNA of your founding team from the get-go.

Updated for February 2017. Here are some of the interesting Instagram statistics I have been able to dig up.

The move to provide TV-quality shows at only a few minutes each is meant to quickly entice users to spend more time on the app. However, it might not make them stay for much longer.

Fine European Lingerie and Award Winning Bra Fitting Boutique. Rated Best Lingerie Shop in Washington DC. Stylish everyday and flirty fashion bras, panties, sleepwear, and gifts.

Some colleges are taking an innovative, multi-pronged approach to fix the problem.

On Friday, 10-12-2018, Mr. Jason Galisatus notified the Redwood City Police Department that he felt he was a targeted victim of a hate crime. Mr. Galisatus is a candidate for Redwood City Council ...

We're excited to share a list of Y Combinator's top 100 companies. The top 100 YC Companies are listed by valuation (including the top 12 exits), as of October 17, 2018.
We put this list together to help people get to know some of the fastest growing alumni in the YC community. Most people know t

Don't miss out on your opportunity to live in a home with beautiful views of Utah Lake at Heron Hills in Saratoga Springs!

On October 27, 2018 go to the Annual Bollywood Halloween Party at ElevenFIFTY while staying in corporate housing in San Jose. There is a ...

For a fun Halloween event to attend on October 31st, 2018, go to " Halloween Thriller ". While staying in temporary furnished apartments in ...

Galena a representative from Care Indeed comes in regularly to discuss health topics with our Residents. This visit was geared on Staying Active.
Galena and the Residents did a great job on making a "Wheel of Wellness".
They highlighted the different categories on how to stay active.
Thank you, Galena, for sharing your knowledge with our Residents and Families.

Previously Holly Novak of CS3 Technology shared the IRS requirements for the aspects of the Affordable Care Act that go into effect in 2016. The IRS has amended these requirements. Holy was kind enough to provide us with an update. 

Upper West Side neighbors have filed a lawsuit to stop SJP Properties’ 668-foot-tall apartment building at 200 Amsterdam Avenue.

1. A message publishing system (MPS) operative to process a message from a sender in a first format, comprising
a central processor;
at least one sender account;
at least one storage area configured to store at least a first portion of the message; and
software executing in the central processor to configure the processor so as to:
identify the sender of the message as an authorized sender based on information associated with the message in comparison to data in the sender account, wherein…

Topic: A Discussion About Clinical Trials & Why They Are Important Speaker: Dr.Jacob Sands Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Looking for a career in the storage industry? Visit the A-1 Self Storage careers page for available job listings.

Even if you are not selling your home, you may be looking to make your investment worth more. Most homeowners only think about the value of their house when they are ready to sell.

Learn more details about NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 for Nintendo Switch and take a look at gameplay screenshots and videos.

3. A data access terminal for retrieving data from a data supplier and providing the retrieved data to a data carrier, the terminal comprising
a first interface for communicating with the data supplier
a data carrier interface for interfacing with the data carrier;
a program store storing code; and
a processor coupled to the first interface, the data carrier interface, and the program store for implementing…

Brushing, flossing, and mouthwash could save you a lot of trouble in the future.

SAN FRANCISCO -- If you ever wished you could take back a Facebook message, you may soon be able to just that.
Facebook is testing a new "unsend" button for Messenger and it has already rolled out to some users.
It was revealed earlier this year that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had deleted messages from recipient's inboxes. When users asked why that option wasn't available to everyone, Facebook announced it would build the future for the public.

Insurance is something you buy but hope you never need. In the event of an incident, you want to have a smooth process in place so that you can get back up and running as quickly as possible. So, alongside your compliance procedures, it’s also important to put a process in place for any potential …

TLS is the successor to the better-known SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption protocol; both are used to secure data communications between browsers and the destination server.

Tech expert Dr. Frank Viggiano shares the top tech gear for home security from 2GIG. For all the 2GIG items and more head to Dr. Frank's website www.whatsnewdoc.com

60 reviews of Clark Pest Control from Sonora, CA the people are great and they will call me if something doesn't look right to let me know.

Host Dani Gasparini speaks about the 2018 Harvest Festival, the West Coast's largest indoor arts and crafts show, with Liz Rosinski, Harvest Festival Representative,…

Dealing with the pain scale and expressing your pain levels when you live with chronic pain can be problematic. There are better ways than the standard pain scale.

136 reviews of Clark Pest Control from San Diego, CA Great service and our house is bug and rodent free.