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Digital online map reproduces cartographic effects from historic surveys and plans. Maps We Love selection highlights Waterloo, Ontario in Canada.

AppStudio for ArcGIS Desktop Edition provides feature-rich development tools to allow you to further configure templates, edit source code, test,

by Kent Anness |
The new KyTopo map series, released as both a print-capable cartographic product and a cached web mapping service, has been lauded by William Andrews, the head of the Kentucky Geological Survey, Geologic Mapping Section, as “an excellent and intuitive portrayal of the Kentucky landscape.”
For many decades, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) topographic quadrangle map series was “THE” basis for mapping-related…

The latest study published by the international network Oxfam, “Ripe for change”, on inequality in global value chains provides for the first time estimates of the value distribution over the past 20 years for food products sourced from the Global South.

+ The big question now circulating amid the cubicles of the Gray Lady: Who will Anonymous replace as a regular columnist at the New York Times? A. Brett Step

Over the last decade, more than 35 percent of our pond construction contracts have involved remodeling existing ponds. While this is an important statistic that cannot be ignored, the really surprising fact is, we are removing beautiful ponds that haveMore...

By Mike Cox, Fire and EMS Industry Manager, Esri   The Thomas Fire was a wildfire that affected Ventura County, California, in December 2017. It

The 4.queryObjectIds(queryParams); highlightFeatures(layerView, ids)
This query is for intersecting features that don’t match the input geometry, yielding better results at smaller scales
If precision is more important than fast performance, then you need to query the service for the full resolution geometries.
LayerView queries can be a powerful way to add interactivity to your application. However, they come at the expense of precision. So if…