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Outdated ideas of what's appropriate for girls could be holding your daughter back.

She might not even realize it's bullying behavior in the first place, but it's hurtful all the same.

Congratulations! You volunteered to be a Girl Scout leader. All the other parents are so happy (or relieved) and the girls are dancing around the room in excitement. Everything is awesome! Then as …

Recent studies show 98 percent of girls are excited about having a fulfilling career when they grow up. Here's how parents can help girls make those dreams come true.

RANDOLPH, NJ - After several showcases of Randolph School District programs, Superintendent Jenn Fano invited the elementary administrators to present new initiatives and collaboration going on...

Carol Dweck's research, which focuses on what makes people seek challenging tasks, persist through difficulty and do well over time, has shown that many girls believe their abilities are fixed, that individuals are born with gifts and can't change.

RANDOLPH, NJ-  The 2017 season for the Randolph Volleyball team started strong, as the Lady Rams shot out of the  gate earning themselves a 5-1 record in their first six matches. 

We've rounded up the best spots in New Jersey for a family bike-riding excursion. Pack up your bikes and head out to one of these great locations!

Skip the chains and go to these family-owned eateries, where the meals are made with love.

Getting Connected on Facebook
The World of Care and Share Network was started a short time ago so that SWF families could utilize their existing knowledge of social media to connect with other SWF families without the whole universe being able to read their stories. In other words, so that the conversations would be private within the SWF membership
Did You Get The Text?
If you would like to receive text messages about SWF news alerts and updates, please let us know! Send…

Easy travel games, products and ideas that will help get you and your kids through a long flight

Taking her insecurities seriously will help make the transition a whole lot easier.

When disaster strikes, Girl Scouts are ready to step in and do their part. Find resources with tips and examples for engaging girls who want to help.

Propane, charcoal, box ovens—there are so many choices when cooking outside. This video share ideas about the delicious possibilities. Tasty!

Scorched another pot? Don't throw it away. With a little effort and some ingredients from your pantry, you can return that burnt pot or pan back to its former glory.

History was made when the Rev. Tikiko Namata Lesuma was ordained and elder during the service of ordination at the 169 th session of the California-Nevada Conference. Lesuma is the first Fijian person to be ordained an elder in The United Methodist Church (UMC). "It's very humbling. I feel so blessed and so privileged to be ordained…It's an opportunity to be able to encourage more Fijian folks to come into leadership in our conference, and the broader church," says Lesuma. "It is God's…

The United Methodist Council of Bishops will move its 2018 May meeting from Manila, Philippines, for security reasons.

Posted on July 19, 2017 - 1:15pm
We wrote about “years ending in 7” in the February 3, 2017, issue. The data in Figure 5 is the same graph that was published at that time. It includes data for the Dow Jones 30 Industrials, going back to its inception in 1897. This graph merely shows the average data points for all of those years
With this information, it is relatively easy to see a number of things. First, one can see how the…

Want to give your Philly home a deep clean? Try power washing it. But, a lot can go wrong if you aren't sure what you are doing. Before you pick up the power washer, check out these tips to make the most out of your deep cleaning experience.