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8 am / Rally at MVHS
9 am / Community Fair & South County Disaster Preparedness Expo at Norman P. Murray Community and Senior Center

The City of Rancho Santa Margarita is offering a free electronic waste disposal service and document shredding event on Saturday, November 3rd, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in the City Hall parking lot. Safely and responsibly dispose of obsolete electronic waste and prevent identity theft during this semi-annual event sponsored by the City of Rancho Santa Margarita and CR&R Environmental Services.

When a political conversation turns into a debate, how can you respond in a way that really helps? This writer got a surprising response when he asked himself that very question in the middle of a heated political discussion with a friend.

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When Bob Surace took
over a program coming off three consecutive losing seasons, there was no quick
turnaround, just a couple classes of recruits who could run, which made it a
race to get them contributing while the coach’s first two teams were going 2-18.
Fair to suggest that
Chuck Dibilio, who almost won the Ivy ...

SatADSL has launched commercial Ka-band broadband services in Sub-Saharan Africa, aiming to bring cost-effective coverage to communities and businesses. Utilizing Avanti’s High Throughput Satellite (HTS) Hylas 4, the new offering will provide consumer and corporate business connectivity which Internet Service

Come see this CA native garden in all its wild and natural beauty! Wander down this landscape’s decomposed granite pathway to take in the sweet smell of the sages and enjoy the shade of the Palo Verde tree. Doesn’t that tree make a real statement? This garden offers a big bonus – once established, the homeowners have to put in only the occasional effort to maintain it
Step into this serene, fragrant meadow and admire all the vibrant shades of green! These homeowners…

Following on from my first offshore sail in a decade, I had another sail, this time a Middle Harbour Yacht Club point score race on an Adams10, funny that given the decades sailing them. It was ano…

Exciting yet somewhat challenging times lie ahead for European milsatcom. In the next decade, the old continent’s key milsatcom players will renew their fleets — introducing new, more powerful systems designed to increase throughput, offer better anti-jam and cyber-security protection, and cover the demand for reliable connectivity for on-the-move applications
Despite the political difficulties epitomized in the upcoming departure of the United Kingdom from the European…

The U.S. is going 5G. One of the world’s most lucrative and biggest markets for 5G services is putting down the building blocks to create a super-connected society. Satellite players are proposing radial spectrum sharing solutions to speed up this deployment. Is this good for the industry?

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Elks Partner with School District By Jamie Camunas This week ground was broken for the Capistrano Restorative Gardens and Learning Center. The plans are to transform the land that is currently vacant and ineffectual into a Garden that the Adult Transition Program (ATP) for Capistrano Unified School District can utilize within many of their …

Back Pain? Could It Be A "Spondy"
Spondylolysis vs. Spondylolisthesis
Spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis are common causes of low back pain in athletes. Spondylolysis is a stress fracture through a portion of the vertebra called the pars interarticularis. This injury often occurs in athletes who participate in sports that involve repeated stress on the low back. If the stress fracture weakens and is unable to maintain its…

Access easily searchable meeting agendas and minutes for various boards, commissions, and committees.

by Scott Carroll, General Manager of the Costa Mesa Sanitary District Firefighters statewide are being praised for their valiant and heroic efforts to save property and lives in the countless…

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When you’re searching for a new water heater installation, you want to pick a unit that will do the best job, work for many years, and help conserve energy.

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Anybody smell smoke? That’s the smell of a barbecue boom. From a family-run operation out of a gas station in Vista, to an upscale shopping center in La Jolla, to a strip mall in Lemon Grove and a hipster hay bale-lined hangout in North Park, San Diego is going whole hog for barbecue.

Where schools, shopping centers and residential neighborhoods now stand, Native Americans once lived. On July 23, 1769, they were visited by a Spanish expedition under Captain Gaspar de Portola, who camped near the site of Tijeras Creek Golf Course in Rancho Santa Margarita... Read More

Check out the latest community post from one of your neighbors. (The views expressed in this post are the author’s own.)

The importance of the deadlift and hip hinge exercises for movement, strength, and performance
A basic understanding of low back pain principles as they relate to the deadlift and how to intelligently train around pain
A systematic assessment and screening approach for evaluating the low back and hips
A step-by-step process to protecting your spine in training and performance; breathing, bracing, spinal stiffness, and core training…

As you and I began another work week I wanted to share a simple concept that you are probably failing to recognize. Each and everyone of us has something special inside of us. Something you know…

The bunker renovation project at Tijeras Creek Golf Club made the turn to the back nine. In a handful of weeks, those who find the sand on the backside will enjoy the same nice, fluffy lies found o…