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After much searching, I have not found a comparable pattern to this. It is closest to those known as Wandering Foot; Burr and Thistle or The Swallow. Unlike them, this quilt has a square center while the others have centers with a curved or concave square
Regardless of the name, this quilt is well made. It is quilted with diamond patterns.
Placing the blocks so that the tails abut one another creates an unexpected secondary pattern.
The border is a luscious print…

Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized desktop computer that has won over millions of hobbyists. It just got a big upgrade: The first major new edition of Raspberry Pi since February 2016 launches Monday, promising faster speeds and support for more modern devices.

As human beings it is completely natural to need to feel part of a group, to be accepted, wanted, and loved. Three ways to feel more conected with a group (l...

Do you or someone you know need a job? Do you or someone you know need to enhance his or her skill set? Whether age 16 or 60, a veteran,

In April, Raleigh-based law firm Osborn, Gambale, Beckley, and Budd launched an RV-based legal clinic providing free legal advice to communities that lack services nearby. Most people were excited that a law firm…

Although the American economy may look recovered on paper, some made drastic decisions during the recession and are still digging out from deep hole.

Text: 1 Kings 19:1-4,8-10 Statement of Worship Good morning to the highways and the byways, the dirt roads and the cul-de-sacs, the way over yonder and the right next doors, wherever you have come …

North Carolina’s criminal code is a muddled, archaic monstrosity. The laws that govern criminal behavior are often unclear, encouraging senseless litigation and allowing bad actors to slip through the cracks. Many of these laws predate the American Revolution. And thanks…

Thursday, June 20, JLF Senior Fellow and former Secretary for the N. C. Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Dr. Donald van der Vaart was featured on Southern Farm Network’s website commenting on the new regulations from the DEQ on livestock farmers. The regulations set by the DEQ impose a number of things. According to van …

Organizer Laura Bannister says no one should have to leave their community to celebrate Pride. Despite some resistance from the community, the city was overwhelmed by the turnout.

Thousands of years ago, glaciers covered much of the planet. Oceans receded as water froze in massive sheets of ice blanketing the North American continent. As the ice age ended, glaciers melted. Massive river deltas flowed out across the continental shelf. The oceans rose, and fresh water was trapped in sediments below the waves. Discovered...

Join our 28-day free workout program with 10- to 30-minute workouts you can do anytime, anywhere, designed to balance your body and empower you from within.

Authentic Curt Teich Vintage Linen Postcard, As Featured in the Book "Linen Postcards Images of the American Dream" (p. 123). Excellent Condition, Unused. Curt Teich, 1934 - Additional views.

Stitches and Rust features unique finds from all parts of the world including houseware, decorations, accessories, men's and women's clothing with a West

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At the NCACC we're always looking for ways to keep county officials and the public informed about Association activities and matters important to North Carolina's 100 counties. In that continuing effort we will share a short video clip each week of interest to counties. We'll keep it short, and as always we welcome your feedback or questions at communications@ncacc.org .

What does an award-winning chef whip up after a heart-pumping barre3 class? We got the scoop (and the recipe!).

Summer camp is just around the corner. Here's how we save money on summer camp and create cherished family memories without sacrificing fun.

Watch NCDEQ Secretary Regan help raise a purple Martin best box at the Audobon's Donal C. O'Brien Sanctuary at Pine Island. Secretary Regan was attending the...

If the crisis of violence against black trans people is new to you, you haven’t been paying attention.

Home >> Newsroom >> Media Releases >> Morrow Mountain State Park Adds 87 Acres Through Partnership, Donation
Roy Cooper, Governor
Morrow Mountain State Park Adds 87 Acres Through Partnership, Donation
Raleigh, N.C. —The North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation in partnership with Three Rivers Land Trust will celebrate the addition of 25 acres to Morrow Mountain State Park in Stanly County on June 25

"Are field sobriety tests (FSTs) really accurate?" We get this question all the time at our Raleigh law office, so our DUI attorney shared his answer here.

North Carolina native Ben Folds—singer, songwriter, and pianist—performs with the North Carolina Symphony for an electric crossover concert event. Don’t miss your chance to hear him live in concert performing all his hits through the years—plus, as always, a few surprises!
Hear a sample of the music in our radio ad: LISTEN NOW
Please visit our Plan Your Visit page for information about Booth Amphitheatre including directions, where to park, and what to bring.

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Have you been bombarded with robocalls? The average American is getting 22 calls per month and Ethan Garr joins us to discuss how he is trying to mitigate the pestering.

The mortgage giant announced this week a new loan offering to help home buyers finance their home improvement projects.

Home purchasing activity among investors has reached the highest level in the past two decades, and investors are giving first-time home buyers some serious competition.

Looking for some helpful advice as you plan for your retirement years - from people who have been there? Hear true retirement stories from clients and get other tips and advice from our experts when it comes to planning for retirement.

June 20, 2019 By Carrie Harris and Aaron Weaver BIRMINGHAM, Ala.—Living out the ‘new commandment’ of Jesus Christ to “love one another with a relentless, sacrificial, active love” was …

On May 1, thousands of educators and public education advocates flooded the streets of Raleigh to demand additional resources for North Carolina’s public schools. Organizers from the North Carolina Association of Educators outlined five policy priorities: Provide enough school librarians, psychologists, social workers, counselors, nurses, and other health professionals to meet national standards. Provide $15 ...

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DJ Randy B of Bunn DJ Company in Raleigh NC mixes the best of current Top 40 live

China Dan McCready is railing against big pharma today and calling for lower drug prices, but it turns out he’s just a giant hypocrite. Less than six months after China Dan announced he was running for Congress, he and his... Read More