Business in Mordecai - Raleigh, NC

Sabrina Carpenter opens up about her brand new album 'Singular: Part II,' her favorite songs on the record, how it's different from 'Act I' and more

Diego Zuluaga addresses the supposed national security risks of the Facebook-led digital money project, Libra.

Willie McBride set out to climb two mountains in one day—here's how barre3 helped him do it.

Responding to hate, a Winston-Salem music venue rallies the community behind what just might be the greatest band in the world.

Robert Caslen, a retired three-star Army general, was named the next president of the University of South Carolina on Friday despite objections from students, faculty and donors who said the

“We have your back,” some of her supporters shouted in Minnesota as others chanted, "Welcome home!"

As a young man, Tabari Wallace was given a second chance to succeed. Today he embodies that spirit in the schools he leads.

After quagga mussels were found in Lake Mead National Recreation Area in 2007, the State stepped up to prevent the spread and proactively protect their water...

Preemptive threat detection, backup systems and education can improve network security on campuses where the number of endpoints is rapidly expanding.

Founded by Superchunk’s Mac McCaughan and Laura Ballance, the label is home to musicians forging careers on their own terms.

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Week of July 15, 2019
It was a relatively quiet and short week at the General Assembly as the legislature continues to wind down policy work against the backdrop of the continued budget stalemate. It is unclear when the General Assembly will adjourn the 2019 session. The Senate has indicated it may adjourn, at least temporarily, as early as next Monday, July 22, but reconvene Tuesday, August 27. The House, however, stated its intention to remain in session until there is resolution on…

A new report from the national NAACP offers a damning assessment of numerous Donald Trump federal court nominees and the president’s strategy to alter the judiciary. Among the nominations featured is the ultimately failed one of North Carolina’s Thomas Farr — the controversial conservative lawyer who has spent this week defending the state’s gerrymandered legislative ...

In Cinemas This Christmas Follow us on Facebook at Genre: Epic Musical Cast: James Corden, Judi De...

A study suggests the butts make up the most pervasive form of plastic pollution on the planet.

Have you ever heard “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper or “See You in September” by The Tempos? Perhaps you’ve watched “Summer of ’42,” “Adventureland,” or “Dirty Dancing.” The pervasiveness of summer vacation in music, film, and TV is indicative of…

Where should you start when you're packing up your home to make Aliyah? Hear from an organizational expert about tips and tricks for moving. Hint: Get rid of your clutter!