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Foster provides the highest value polymer solutions for medical, aerospace, marine, electronics and military applications with industry leading technology and service in custom polymer compounding.

PUTNAM, CT USA - (July 19, 2016) - Foster Corporation, a leader in custom polymers for medical devices, now offers thermoplastic urethanes (TPU) with PureEase™ technology for improved extrusion processing control.

Changes in formulations of materials used for manufacturing patient-contacting medical devices or device components often require submission of a new 510(k) by the device manufacturer. This is because formulation changes can affect the biocompatibility, material properties and performance of a device.

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A new study from CommScope has revealed that Millennials are so accustomed to constantly being connected that they would rather give up plumbing and heating before giving up connectivity and electricity needed to power their mobile devices.The Millenial generation will place a large burden on global network operators who will have to plan for continued capacity growth, greater flexibility, a larger array of services as well…

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Interested in funny bathroom signs? Check out this Roto-Rooter info-graphic that details some of the funniest bathroom signs ever seen.

Since the company's founding in 1935, Roto-Rooter's logo has evolved to keep the brand fresh with the times. This video gives an inside look into the company...

The ROTOGreen program brings advanced, water-conserving and earth friendly plumbing products to both residential & commercial properties. Learn more here!

The new complexities of water heater standards will make it much more difficult for the DIY homeowner to install the new water heater models. Read more.

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How do you unclog a toilet without a plunger?
There's a legit answer to that question.

Mankind, in its great hubris, created automatically flushing toilets as a way to ensure clean public bathrooms. The result, however, are wonky sensors that flush four or five times as you sit on them. Get your peaceful potty break back with a bit of paper over the sensor.