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An alternative to just hearts and kisses, these 25 Healthy Valentine Treats will satisfy those cravings! | #valentine #valentinesday #treats #healthy #easy

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the young. Romance and friendship both play important roles when it comes to senior companionship.

Gene Wilder's widow, Karen, recalled her late husband's battle with Alzheimer's and praised efforts to fight the disease.

Learn the stages of Alzheimer's disease and symptoms associated with each. Find caregiving tips and strategies for daily care.

The Saudi-led coalition fighting Yemen’s Shiite rebels said it intercepted a missile fired over southern Riyadh on Tuesday, while the rebels said they targeted the royal palace in the kingdom’s capital.

With winter weather quickly approaching, snow shovels are starting to become a necessity in many households.

Dr. Shaun Gogarty hopes a recently opened treatment center at Health Solutions in Pueblo becomes the go-to place for heroin and other opioid addicts who want to beat their addiction

Swimming pools and spas are great places for family fun. It’s important to ensure everyone follows these simple safety steps to stay safer in and around the water
1. Never leave a child unattended in or near water.
Always watch children when they’re in or near water, and never leave them unattended. Designate an official Water Watcher, an adult tasked with supervising children in the water. That should be their only task – they shouldn’t be reading, texting or playing games on their…

Did you know osteoporosis affects dental health? Being mindful of the connection between osteoporosis and dental health could save you a lot of trouble.

Stave off the afternoon slump (without caffeine!) with these low-cal snacks that fight fatigue.

Dementia & Alzheimer's care, help and support - get information on stages, behaviors, memory loss, medication, activities, care facilities and more. Find support groups, message boards and other tools to help you cope.

In the United States alone, there are nearly 15 million Alzheimer's and dementia caregivers. Join us in honoring them by sharing a personal tribute message.

I am writing in support of the ballot initiative regarding the sales and use tax for the new jail and treatment center in Pueblo. The Pueblo County Jail Task Force,

An emergency arises and you call 9-1-1 for help, but you don’t know what to tell the dispatcher because you’ve suddenly forgotten your address. Being prepared can help eliminate some of the stress that sets in during emergencies. National Public Safety Telecommunicator’s Week and 9-1-1 Education Month serve as important reminders that being prepared can make all the difference
National Public Safety Telecommunicator’s Week (NPSTW) is…

If you're one of countless people who don't make a habit of reading regularly, you might be missing out: reading has a significant number of benefits, and just a few benefits of them are listed below.

The Know:BRCA Assessment can help you assess your risk of having a BRCA mutation. Learning your risk can help you and your doctor make important decisions for your health.

If you have the ever-popular office job that involves sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, it can wreak havoc on your body, creating tight hips and lower

Music and art therapy can enrich the lives of those with Alzheimer's and other dementias. Get tips on planning music and art activities that allow engagement and self-expression. Find caregiver support, online and from your local chapter.

Wandering or losing the way are risks for those with Alzheimer's and other dementias. Learn about warning signs, wandering prevention, safety for those who wander or get lost, and the Comfort Zone™ electronic tracking gps device for wandering management.

A family caregiver shares the experience she and her senior mother had finding the right caregiver.

Suicide prevention advocates in Pueblo have gained a valuable ally in the fight against suicide, as local firearm advocates, gun stores and firing ranges have been partnering with mental health

As an occupational therapist my focus is on the best, ergonomically correct backpacks. Here are seven tips to help you pick one that won't injure your back.

The symptoms of a sinus infection are very similar to those caused by a cold. Learn how to spot symptoms caused by sinus infection with this article.

Use our blood pressure chart to learn what your blood pressure numbers mean. Systolic, diastolic? The American Heart Association helps you understand the various levels of blood pressure and how high blood pressure or hypertension is defined. Also learn about prehypertension, hypertension, hypertensive crisis, and what is a healthy blood pressure.

Caregiving stress can lead to burnout if you don't take care of yourself. These tips will help you regain control over your life and enjoy more.

New research suggests it may be possible to spot people in the early stages of Alzheimer's by testing their ability to recognize fragrances. The goal is a quick and inexpensive screening test.

For eight hours a day or more, and for five days a week for much of a calendar year, a foster child will spend his time in school. Indeed, children in foster care will most likely spend more of their time each day with teachers than they will with their foster parents. Many children foster…