Business in Washington Park - Providence, RI

After Charlestown opened up the game with a touchdown drive, English/New Mission's Takari Hobbs took the lead right back with a dazzling 80-yard touchdown ru...

Meet Amanda Milkovits, a journalist who doesn’t report to an office but to a crime scene. Check out the final episode of Unearthed, where reporter Carolyn Paletta learns how Amanda’s experience covering hundreds of shootings and trials has shaped her view on gun violence in Providence.

Shihab Ali is a third-year resident and emergency physician at Rhode Island Hospital, so he understands the extreme toll that a bullet can take on the human body. On this episode, Shihab discusses with reporter Ben Myers the unique challenges that arise from treating gunshot wounds, both personally and institutionally.

How can one take guns off the streets? Scott Lapham uses art. An artist and teacher, Scott has lost four of his students to gun violence. He now leads One Gun Gone, a public art project that creates gun-shaped sculptures to speak out against the violence and fund a gun buyback program in Providence. Check out Audrey’s conversation with Scott, to learn a new form of activism against gun violence.

The Rhode Island Attorney General's office and its Consumer Protection Unit said Friday that Red Sox fans will want to be careful when looking for tickets.

It's been a week since convicted child rapist Richard Gardner moved into the Washington Park neighborhood in Providence, and residents are still rallying outside his home in an effort to get him to leave.

We do not have direct access to others’ mental lives, to their thoughts, feelings, or beliefs. And yet, daily, social interactions proceed according to guesses about what others think, feel, and believe. Sometimes, such inferences about others’ personal subjective experiences are the basis of formal and consequential judgment processes. For example, doctors decide how to treat their patients based in part on guesses about what those…

Several police departments are looking to identify a pair of suspects in series handbag heists.

Autumn in New England is a beautiful time of year. Brilliant hues of red, orange, and yellow reveal themselves as the leaves change color. Hot apple cider helps to keep us warm on chilly autumn nights. We curl up by a fire with a good book. Fall can be simply splendid! It’s also a perfect time to get outdoors. Fall offers countless activities to enjoy, including everything

Paul Manafort, the onetime campaign chairman for President Donald Trump, will be sentenced on February 8, 2019 after a jury found him guilty in August.

Be it for the purpose of feeding their social media platforms or to indulge in authentic local food, people are traveling to even the most far-flung destinations for gastronomical adventures.

Federal authorities have arrested a New York man for allegedly threatening to attack two U.S. senators over their support for Brett Kavanaugh, whose nomination to the Supreme Court was almost derailed by an allegation he sexually assaulted a woman three decades ago while they were in high...

The Asian tiger mosquito was previously considered dangerous because it could carry diseases like Zika, chikungunya and the West Nile virus. We can now add one more disease to that list: yellow fever. A study showed that the aggressive and versatile Asian tiger mosquitoes can spread the deadly disease.

Before you allow any healthcare professional to diagnose your child with ADHD, make sure that they, themselves, are an authority on the disorder. Your child's future depends on it!

The story of how NAIL, a Rhode Island-based agency, made the most viral 2018 midterm election video shaming young people to get out and vote.

Those interested in free skills training to begin a career in sales, customer service, call center services, and/or banking, are invited to an information session to ask questions and enroll in a course that begins November 13.

Craig Kimbrel wants all of New England to know something: He’s sorry. The Boston Red Sox closer has been a roller-coaster ride all postseason, surrendering runs in four of his five appearance…

The Voting Rights Act was the most effective tool to prevent states and localities from diluting minorities' votes. Unfortunately, all these protections are under attack.

The solar farm is offsetting emissions that are equal to burning 2.9 million pounds of coal annually, according to Southern Sky Renewable Energy.

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